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For Travellers

This site shows a selection of current timetables and maps, principally with visitors to Malta and Gozo in mind. Timetables are believed correct as at March 2015. Please see the links on the left to explore the site. Further information is being added when time permits.

Operator of bus routes in Malta is Malta Public Transport. This company was formed on January 1st 2014 following the withdrawal of Arriva from the Island, midway through its contract to operate bus services for the government. As an interim measure bus operation was in the hands of the government, but from January 8th 2015 a Spanish company called Autobuses Urbanos de León took over the running of Malta Public Transport. A new light green and white livery is being introduced to replace the blue and white colours, which are a throwback to Arriva days. New buses are being introduced, and a revised route network is planned for the future. Introduction of new routes and timetables is expected to start in Summer 2015.

For Enthusiasts

Malta has been a mecca for bus enthusiasts, particularly before Arriva Malta took over in July 2011 with a modern fleet. A small number of the old traditional buses can still be seen on private hire and tourist duties, and Malta is still a popular destination for enthusiasts.

As well as useful links and a list of books and magazines of interest to transport enthusiasts, this section also has a photo gallery of Maltese buses at work during the 2006-2010 period.

Historical Archive

Valletta 2006

Reflecting my interest in routes and timetables, this historical section contains maps and timetables during the last 10 years of the ATP era, in other words before Arriva arrived in 2011.

The 2010 timetables were specially prepared for this website using a variety of sources, including working timetables intended for the drivers, and research was carried out during several visits from 2006 onwards. The maps were originally prepared to accompany articles in Maltese Transport News, now known as MTN.

Although no doubt only of interest to a handful of people, the maps and timetables have been retained here as a matter of historical record, as detailed information of this kind is not readily available elsewhere.

About this site


Latest updates: 28/02/2015 (text updates), 10/11/14 (text updates), 05/08/14 (summer timetable updates), 30/06/14 (plan of Valletta bus station added), 13/04/14 (open top page updated), 12/04/14 (new Ferries and Lift page added), 11/04/2014 (new Excursions and Tours page added).

Malta by Bus is an unofficial website provided by transport enthusiast Brendan Fox of Peterborough, United Kingdom. All information is given in good faith but no guarantees can be given for accuracy. All photos are by Brendan Fox unless otherwise stated. The bus badges in the logo are from a photo by Karen Dexter.

All content on this site is copyright © Brendan Fox 2007-2015. I am grateful for the cooperation of MTN and many bus owners, drivers and enthusiasts who have helped to expand my knowledge of the subject.

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