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NEW January 2018 - All timings in the "Unofficial Timetable Summary" have been updated (but not journey times) - see below.

November 2017 - Route 110 has been rerouted via Ta' Giorni from Oct. 29. The map and timetable have been updated.

October 2017 - Winter timetables started on October 1st, two weeks earlier than last year, and the maltabybus.com "Unofficial Timetable Summary" is available below.

Welcome to Maltabybus.com

Exploring Malta and Gozo by public transport can be fun and rewarding, if a little fraught at times. You could just hop on a bus and see what happens. On the other hand, if you want to arm yourself with some information and maybe do some pre-planning, this is the website for you. I can't promise that the information will always be 100% accurate or up to date - sat here in the UK it's not always easy to find out what's going on. I will, however, do my best, and I trust you will have a great holiday on these fascinating islands.

If you were expecting the quirky old buses that you may have heard about and seen in guidebooks, they were swept away overnight in July 2011 and replaced with modern buses on a completely new network. Sad for the bus enthusiasts but maybe not for the residents. Things did not go well for the new operator, Arriva, and they pulled out at the end of 2013. Malta Public Transport was formed, initailly run by the Government. From January 2015 a Spanish company called Autobuses Urbanos de Leσn took over the running of the company. A new light green and white livery has been introduced to replace the blue and white colours. Routes and timetables were initially unchanged, but a new network was introduced in 2015: Gozo routes from June 21 and Malta routes in two phases from November 22 and December 20. Several enhancements to the network have since been made.

Also on this website you will find further pages aimed at enthusiasts and those interested in the history of bus services in Malta. My name's Brendan, by the way, and you can find my contact details on my Globe Studios website. Please note that all information on this site is unofficial and I have no association with the operator.

The Bus Network

Victoria bus station, Gozo

For such a small island, there are a large number of bus routes, and you are never very far from a bus stop. Frequencies are good on the main routes, but less so on other routes, and it often pays to check timetables. You can find more about timetables further down this page.

There is some logic to the route numbering system. One and two digit numbers, that is numbers in the series 1-99, run to and from Valletta bus station, and run roughly in geographical order in an anti-clockwise direction around Valletta. Route X4 is a limited stop service linking Valletta with the Airport and beyond, whilst X1 to X3 link the Airport with Cirkewwa, Sliema and Bugibba respectively. Numbers in the 100s and 200s are generally routes not serving Valletta (but see exceptions below). In summer there are some additional Tallinja Direct routes prefixed TD which were introduced in July 2016 - these parallel popular routes but run direct to the destination. All Gozo bus services are numbered in the 300s. Finally, the network of Night Routes linking various parts of Malta with the bars, clubs and restaurants of San Giljan (the stop formerly known as Paceville) are numbered in the N series; in winter the night routes run on Friday and Saturday nights only.

There are a few exceptions to the rule: Valletta local routes are numbered 130 and 133, whilst route 122 runs from Valletta to Mater Dei Hospital. Also, to confuse matters further, three routes in the 2xx series which used to terminate at Mater Dei Hospital have been extended through to Valletta.

Tripadvisor has a well researched article on bus services in Malta which includes the latest changes and lists the bus services serving the main attractions.

Fares and Tickets

To travel on Maltese buses you can either (1) use cash to buy fixed price single tickets from the driver; (2) save money by buying a 12 Single Journeys Card from a kiosk (or online in advance); or (3) buy a 7-day Explore Card or ExplorePlus Card from a kiosk (or online in advance). A fourth option is the tallinja smartcard which is aimed at residents but may also benefit regular or long-term visitors. These options are explained below:

The only ticket available from the bus driver is the two-hour single ticket which costs €2.00 in summer (early-June to end-September), reduced to €1.50 in winter. Routes prefixed TD (Tallinja Direct) are faster limited-stop services which have a single fare of €3.00. On night buses (routes prefixed by N) the single fare is also €3.00. There are no discounts for children except that children aged under 4 years travel free. Passengers are encouraged to have the correct amount of money for the fare if possible.

Passengers may change buses within the two hour period to get to their destination as part of a one-way journey. The ticket does not allow you to make a return trip, even if wholly within the two hour period. Of course, penalty fares are payable if you travel without a valid ticket.

Also available is a card giving 12 single tickets for €15, making €1.25 per journey. It has to be purchased in advance (see below) in the form of a non-personalised tallinja card and each passenger swipes the card on the card reader on entering the bus. It can be used by more than one person for the same journey (swipe the card twice if there are two of you). On TD (Tallinja Direct) services and on night buses (routes prefixed by N) you have to pay double (€2.50), so two journeys will be taken off the card. The card is valid for a year and can be passed on to family and friends for their use too.

A 7-day unlimited travel Explore Card is also available costing €21 (children aged 4-10 pay €15). It is valid in Gozo as well as Malta, and is also valid on TD (Tallinja Direct) services and night buses at no extra charge. You buy it in advance (see below) and swipe the card on each bus journey. It is not transferable to other people.

New for 2017 is the ExplorePlus Card which in addition to seven day's unlimited bus travel also includes various extras for sightseeing. It includes two trips on the Valletta ferry services (to/from Sliema and/or Birgu), and a one day ticket on the hop-on hop-off open top buses operated by CitySightseeing Malta. An alternative option to the latter is a boat trip to Comino operated by Captain Morgan Cruises. The ExplorePlus Card costs €39; there is no child reduction.

The blurb for the ExplorePlus Card says that it is valid for 168 hours (7 x 24 hours) from the time of first swiping the card on the bus, rather than for seven calendar days. I assume that this also applies to the Explore Card.

You can buy the 12 Single Journeys Card and the 7-day Explore cards from Malta Public Transport kiosks, which are located at Valletta bus station, Bugibba bus station, Malta International Airport, Sliema Ferries, Mater Dei Hospital, and the Gozo bus terminus at Victoria bus station, or from various other outlets which includes shops, lotto offices, and some hotels. The cards can also be purchased online from the MPT website, allowing at least two weeks for delivery (shipping cost is €2 within Malta, €6 outside).

Local residents and frequent travellers can obtain the tallinja smartcard. Tallinja is a personalised stored-value card which basically allows the named cardholder to make each single journey (within two hours) for €0.75, or €2.50 for a night journey and €1.50 for a journey on Tallinja Direct services. A monthly version costs €26 (there is also an automatic cap so nobody pays more than €26 per month). There are further discounts (Maltese residents only) for senior citizens, students and children. For new cards there is a €5 admin charge, and a minimum top-up amount of €20.

Non-residents can apply for a card giving a foreign address (or a hotel address), but two weeks must be allowed for delivery and there is a €6 postage charge to addresses outside Malta. Only one address can be entered onto the form so this should be the delivery address (check with the hotel first if you plan to have it delivered there). Have a scan of your passport and a passport-sized photo ready before applying online. Only frequent or long-term visitors would benefit from obtaining a card.

Maps of Bus Routes

Gozo bus map

PRINCIPAL ROUTES of interest to tourists are shown on this nice independently produced map (not my map but linked with permission).

The official map is on the MPT website. There are also buttons to download high-res or low-res pdf versions.

For those requiring more detail I have produced the following maps in pdf format:

MAP 1 (2017) - Valletta routes. Bus routes linking areas of Malta with Valletta.

MAP 1A (2017) - Valletta routes: Central area. An enlargement of the central area of Map 1 showing routes to/from Valletta.

MAP 2 (2017) - Other routes (those not serving Valletta): to and from Sliema, Airport, Hospital, University etc, also local routes.

MAP 2A (2017) - Other routes: Central area. An enlargement of the central area of Map 2 (routes not serving Valletta).

GOZO (2017) - includes a general frequency guide (but see below for detailed timetables).

BUGIBBA Bus Map including all bus stops in the Bugibba, Qawra and St Paul's Bay area. Updated 19/06/2017.

VALLETTA Bus Station location plan and list of departure bays. Updated 13/10/2017.

Bus Timetables - January 2018

COMPLETE TIMETABLE SUMMARY - The following unofficial timetable shows winter timings as at January 2018. It shows all bus routes in Malta and Gozo in numerical order (more or less), with departure times from the start points, and approximate journey times to principal intermediate points. Journey times have not been rechecked for this edition and buses may arrive at intermediate points earlier than suggested by the journey time shown (except where specific times are shown, such as in Gozo). The timetable summary is compiled by myself to assist travellers and enthusiasts and I will do my best to keep it accurate and up-to-date but cannot make any guarantees.

 MALTA & GOZO unofficial bus timetable - January 2018  (24 page pdf document). Updated 08/01/2018.

Main changes since last updated in October 2017: route 47 departs Valletta at xx30 all week (xx15 from Santa Margherita), previously it left Valletta on the hour on Mondays to Fridays; route 182 leaves Mater Dei 10 minutes earlier; in Winter route TD13 runs Mondays to Fridays only (previously shown as running Saturdays as well).

Note that Winter timetables were introduced on Sunday October 1st, 2017 (two weeks earlier than 2016) and are expected to be valid until early June 2018. Several routes have enhanced frequencies in summer, and the following routes have seasonal extensions: 49 (extended to Armier), 74 (runs to and from Blue Grotto en route), 101 (extends to Gnejna Bay) and 109 (extends to Ghar Lapsi). Details from last summer can be found in the Summer 2017 version of the timetable summary, which was valid from June 11 to September 30, 2017.

OFFICIAL TIMETABLES (route by route) showing every stop are available on the MPT website. These are fine for referring to individual routes but not much use if you want a complete off-line timetable. Google maps has detailed timings from many bus stops. Particularly useful is the Google Maps app on Android and Apple devices where most stops show the next 25 departures, and individual timings can be clicked on to show the whole journey with timings at every stop served. The official JOURNEY PLANNER is getting better but it is difficult to get meaningful information from it.

WARNING - scheduled running times generally vary according to the time of day and day of the week, also the time of year. Journey times shown in the timetable summaries are based on typical Winter off-peak timings (Monday to Friday midday). At quiet times, for example early morning, late evening or on Sundays, buses are liable to depart from intermediate points several minutes earlier, and at peak times they may run later than shown. In any case, once a bus has set off from its start point I'm not sure to what extent drivers adhere to intermediate timings en route - it's always best to arrive at the stop in plenty of time.

Temporary Diversions

The nature of the road network is such that bus routes are frequently diverted because of roadworks or special events, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for weeks or months. It is beyond the scope of this website to mention all but the longest term diversions. You can find details on the Service Updates page of the Malta Public Transport website.


I couldn't do this without the masses of information produced by the enthusiast fraternity on various web forums and in the magazine MTN. You know who you are! I am also grateful to Malta Public Transport whose online information is now very good, and to individual bus owners and drivers who, in ATP days prior to 2011, helped to expand my knowledge of what was then a poorly documented subject.

Malta by Bus is an unofficial website provided by transport enthusiast Brendan Fox of Peterborough, United Kingdom. All information is given in good faith but no guarantees can be given for accuracy. I have no links with any bus operator or the Maltese government. All photos are by Brendan Fox, except for the first photo in the banner which is an MPT image. The bus badges in the logo are from a photo by Karen Dexter. All content on this site is copyright © Brendan Fox.

© Brendan Fox  www.maltabybus.com  2007-2018