Arthur Mellows Village College

Centrebus school service 71

For other services see Glinton Crossroads, 3 minutes walk

Peterborough > Arthur Mellows

SCHOOLDAYS:  Queensgate Bay 12 (0745), Park Road Corner (0750), Dogsthorpe Road, Dogsthorpe Bluebell (0752), St Pauls Road, Fulbridge Road, Topmoor Way, Paston Ridings (0757), Hallfields Lane, Gunthorpe Road, The Harrier (0804), Coniston Road, Gunthorpe Road, Fulbridge Road (0810), Goodwin Walk, Werrington Centre (0812), Hodgson Avenue, Twelvetrees Avenue (0817), Southwell Avenue, Lincoln Road, A15 to AMVC Glinton (0830).

Arthur Mellows > Peterborough

SCHOOLDAYS:  AMVC Glinton (1515), A15, Lincoln Road, Southwell Avenue, Twelvetrees Avenue (1527), Hodgson Avenue, Werrington Centre (1533), Goodwin Walk, Fulbridge Road, Gunthorpe Road, Coniston Road, The Harrier (1543), Gunthorpe Road, Hallfields Lane, Paston Ridings (1550), Topmoor Way, Fulbridge Road, St Pauls Road, Dogsthorpe Bluebell (1556), Dogsthorpe Road, Park Road Corner (1602), Queensgate (1607).

Service from 10/11/14. Page updated 24/11/14.