Deeping St James

Delaine service 102   from 01/10/17

Peterborough > Deeping St James

MONS TO FRIS:  0730, 1015 and hourly until 1715 then 1745.

SATURDAYS:  1015 and hourly until 1715.

SUNDAYS:  No service.

Deeping St James (Thackers Way) > Peterborough

MONS TO FRIS:  0713, 0753, 0852 and hourly until 1652.

SATURDAYS:  0753, 0852 and hourly until 1552.

SUNDAYS:  No service.

depart  Peterborough Queensgate Bay 4
via  Bourges Boulevard
via  Werrington Parkway
via  Market Deeping, Market Place
via  Deeping St James, Horsegate
arrive  Deeping St James Thackers Way shops
via  Market Deeping, Godsey Lane (Tesco)

Journey approx 30 minutes. Certain buses continue to/from Bourne.

Service from 01/10/17. Page updated 29/09/17.