Bus Maps

Peterborough city network
Based on Stagecoach map with routes 60 to 63 amended from October 2016

Stagecoach Rural network
From Stagecoach website

Whittlesey map
From Stagecoach website

Maps for individual Stagecoach routes
Route X4,
Route 20 (now 60),
Route 22 (now 62, but now routed via Hallfields Lane/Gunthorpe Rd). No longer extends to Ashton.
From Stagecoach website

Centrebus routes 9 and 19
From Centrebus website

Delaine maps
Route 101/2, Route 201, Delaine network
From Delaine website

Map of Werrington Bus Routes
Specially produced for this website. Updated October 2016.

Cambridgeshire - interactive bus map
From Cambs CC website