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Route News 2017

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough in 2016 (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

For details of temporary route diversions and changes (due to roadworks, special events, weather etc) see the local Stagecoach page, the City Council's Service Alterations and Disruptions page, Delaine's Twitter page and First's Current Issues page for X1 alterations.

Stagecoach Fares from April 30th

bullet Some Stagecoach fares will increase from Sunday April 30th, 2017. The Peterborough Dayrider will increase by 20p to 4.30, the Cambridgeshire Dayrider Plus by 30p to 6.70, and the East Dayrider Gold by 50p to 14. Megariders will increase by 50p making the Peterborough 7-day ticket 14.50 and the Cambridgeshire Megarider Plus 25, whilst the East Megarider Gold goes up by 1 to 35. Monthly and 4-weekly tickets are unchanged.


Easter Bus Services

bullet GOOD FRIDAY April 14 - Stagecoach and First Excel X1 will run a Sunday service. Delaine 101 will run a special timetable from Bourne 0740 and every 30 minutes 0900 to 1700, from Peterborough every 30 minutes 1000 to 1800. Delaine 102 has no service. Delaine 201/2 has a Saturday service except the 0655 Bourne to Peterborough will not run. Centrebus seem to be running a normal Friday service.

bullet EASTER SATURDAY April 15 - normal Saturday service.

bullet EASTER SUNDAY April 16 - Stagecoach and First Excel X1 will run a Sunday service. Delaine will NOT be running. Centrebus has no Sunday service anyway.

bullet EASTER MONDAY April 17 - Stagecoach, First Excel X1 and Delaine will run a Sunday service. Centrebus will not run.


Stagecoach X4 and 23 - minor changes

bullet Stagecoach X4 - not previously mentioned is a change to the 1605 Milton Keynes to Peterborough journey on Mondays to Fridays from January 30. Due, no doubt, to traffic congestion, this journey is retimed progressively later on its journey and arrives Peterborough at 1942 instead of 1928. On Saturdays the journey remains in its previous timings.

bullet Stagecoach X4 - due to the above, the 1940 Peterborough to Northampton journey now leaves Peterborough at 1955 on Mondays to Fridays (starts from the railway station at 1950). On Saturdays it continues to leave at 1940 as before (1935 from the railway station).

bullet Stagecoach 23 - from February 20 the 1625 Monday to Friday journey from Peterborough to Lynch Wood departs five minutes earlier at 1620.


Cit 1 Orton Wistow times

bullet Stagecoach Citi 1 has a revised timetable from January 1st and the full timetable can be found on the Routes page. The only times that vary from the previous timetable are those from Orton Wistow. The new timings from the Orton Wistow Ferryview stop can be found on the relevant destination page, where Monday to Friday times have changed, and on Saturdays and Sundays all journeys leave Ferryview 2 minutes earlier.