MPK Krakow  Operator of trams and buses in Kraków. A range of maps is available online, as well as details of tickets. The website also has details of the fleet (see also below for a fleet summary).

A museum tram line runs on Summer Sundays (in 2015 it runs from June 28th to September 20th), with two different routes starting from the Museum of Municipal Engineering, where the old tram are based. Heritage buses run on a handful of dates during the year (in 2015 on June 28th, August 15th and September 20th) with a different route each time.


Encyklopedia Krakówskiej Komunikacji  Extensive site about public transport in Kraków.

kmk.krakow  Another large enthusiast site about transport in Kraków.


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Transport Enthusiast's Map of Krakow


This large fleet of 430 trams consists of 146 Konstal 105Na types (34%), 181 second-hand trams from Vienna or Germany (42%), 29 rebuilt trams (7%) and 74 new low-floor trams delivered since 1999 (17%).

As with other Polish fleets, a large number of Konstal 105Na trams were delivered between 1975 and 1989, with a maximum of 410 in service that year. Today there are still 146 in service, the oldest dating from 1983. Fleet numbers range from 360 to 944. Included in these is number 374 which is the prototype 105Nb and 12 vehicles designated 105NaD which were converted to trailers between 2006 and 2010.

Second-hand Vienna trams consist of 76 Lohner or SGP E1 two-section cars (the German GT6 design built under licence) dating from 1966-1974 and acquired between 2004 and 2013. They are numbered in the series 101-179 (Nowa Huta depot) and 208-255 (Podgorze). In addition there are 66 Lohner c3 trailer cars which work with them, dating from 1959 to 1961 and numbered in the series 532-596 (Nowa Huta) and 653-699 (Podgorze).

Second-hand Nürnberg trams are 11 MAN/Düwag N8S-NF three-section bi-directional trams built 1976-77, modernised 1992-93, and acquired 2006-2011. Numbered 3071-3081 they are allocated to Nowa Huta, as is 3082 which was acquired from Essen in 2006 and rebuilt by Protram to type N8C-NF with a new low-floor section.

Second-hand Düsseldorf trams consist of 28 Düwag GT8S three-section trams formerly with Rheinbahn. Built 1973-75 they were acquired 2009-13 and are numbered 3038-3065, allocated to Podgorze depot.

Rebuilds consist mainly of 27 EU8N three-section cars, using Rotax E6 motor cars and c6 trailers from Vienna with the addition of new low-floor centre sections built by Autosan of Sanok. The rebuilds were carried out between 2009 and 2012 by MPK Kraków and these are therefore known as Rotax/MPK EU8N. Numbered 3011-3037 and allocated to Nowa Huta, these formerly bi-directional cars are now single ended. A further interesting rebuild from 2012 is numbered 4001 (Nowa Huta depot) and is a Konstal/Protram 405N-Kr, being a five-section tram of some 40.5 metres using three 105Na cars plus two new low-floor sections.

Since 1999 74 new three-section Bombardier low-floor trams have been delivered, numbered 2001-2074 and all allocated to Podgorze. The first 14 are type NGT6 built 1999-2000, followed in 2003 by 12 NGT6-2 and a further 24 in 2007 (2027-2050) with a revised front end. Finally 24 of type NGT8 were delivered in 2012-13 numbered 2051-2074. On order are 36 Pesa Twist four-section trams for delivery in 2015 which at 42.8 metres will be the longest in Poland.

I am grateful to the websites listed above for this information.

Krakow 105Na in 2012

Konstal 105Na trams still form a large part of the Kraków fleet

Ex Vienna trams in 2012

Many former Vienna trams (E1, based on GT6 design) are also to be found

Krakow 3017

This Rotax/MPK EU8N is a rebuilt Vienna tram

Ex Rheinbahn tram 3039

Düwag GT8S 3039 is a former Rheinbahn tram

Krakow 2048

Bombardier NGT6-2 2048 at Bronowice Małe

Krakow Autosan M09LE Sancity

Only 8 of these Autosan M09LE Sancity buses are in the Kraków fleet


As of May 2014 the bus fleet of MPK Kraków consists of 528 vehicles, allocated to three depots: Bieńczyce (162), Plazow (153) and Wola Duchacka (213). A further 52 vehicles are operated by Mobilis on routes franchised out to them (this includes 19 vehicles currently on loan from Mobilis Warsaw to cover tram replacement service 704). 188 MPK vehicles and 12 Mobilis buses are articulated, representing around 35% of the combined fleets. Note that fleet numbers are preceded by two letters, the first of which denotes the depot.

The 200 18-metre articulated buses in service on MPK routes are as follows: 3 Scania CN113ALB numbered PE091, PE095, PE100 (last of 30 delivered 1992-96); 67 Jelcz M181MB numbered in the DC4xx series (92 were delivered 1996-2007); 10 MAN NG313 built 2001 numbered BM701-710, 13 Scania CN94UA built 2001-3 (originally 15 numbered PE181-195); 6 Scania N94UA Castrosua built 2006 (PE175-180), 31 Mercedes-Benz O530G Citaro built 2008-11 (DC501-531); and 70 Solaris Urbino 18 built 2005-13 (BR711-741, PR742-764, DR765-768 plus 12 with Mobilis numbered MR901-912).

12-metre rigid buses number 295 of which 19 are with Mobilis. There are 25 Scania CN113CLL built 1994-99 (from the series PS001-069); 52 Jelcz M121MB built 1996-2003 (DJ631-686 series); 10 Scania CN94UB 4x2/2 built 2000 (PS145-154); 5 Jelcz M121M/4 CNG running on natural gas built 2006-7 (DJ201-205); 8 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro built 2011 (DO211-218); and a huge 176 Solaris Urbino 12 built 2004 and 2008-14 (801-976, prefixed BU, DU or PU). Mobilis have 17 Irisbus Citelis 12M built 2008 (MI950-966) and two second-hand Maz 203.067 built 2009/11 in Belarus (MM988/9).

Midibuses number 63 in total being 50 Jelcz M081MB/3 Vero built 2005-8 (DH351-382, BH383-400); 5 Jelcz M083C Libero built 2008 (DA101-105), and following Jelcz's demise and the design being transferred to Autosan, 8 of the similar Autosan M09LE Sancity built 2009-11 (DA106-113). Mobilis also have 2 minibuses, an Iveco TurboDaily 45-12 (MB051) and a Mercedes 310D Sprinter (MB050).

The 19 buses which Mobilis have on loan from their Warsaw operation are 10-metre Solaris Urbinetto 10 II running with their Warsaw A3xx numbers. They arrived in early 2014 to operate tram replacement service 704 during reconstruction work. In May 2014 an electric vehicle arrived for evaluation in the form of AMZ CS10LF CitySmile number MB001, in a modified Kraków livery.

Recent deliveries of Solaris vehicles have led to withdrawal of the last Jelcz 120M in 2008, the last Autosan H6-20 midibuses in 2009, and the last Neoplan N4020 vehicles in 2011.

I am grateful to kmk.krakow for the information.

Photos taken in May 2012. Page last updated May 2014