Rail Operators - National

rozklad-pkp.pl - Journey Planner for all Polish rail journeys. There is an English version and you can also enter the name of a station to see a list of departures or arrivals for a one hour period. You can also search by train number and there is a guide to principal railway stations.

PKP Intercity - The operator of mainline trains in Poland (classified EC, EIC, Ex, TLK), also available in an English version. The Polish version includes Train Composition diagrams.

Przewozy Regionalne - Main operator of local trains throughout Poland (classified IR, RE and R), hived off from PKP and now owned by the regions. The website allows you to download pdfs of the line by line timetables in conventional tabular form, showing all operators. For the entire timetable (as a zip file) find the section headed "Pełny rozkład jazdy w formie tablic do pobrania". The section "Spis tablic dla rozkładów jazdy" has a list of the table numbers and in the section "Wyszukiwanie według tablicy" you can download individual tables by inserting the table number. Finally the section "Wyszukiwanie według stacji" allows you to insert the name of a station and relevant tables will be listed for you to download individually.

The Timetables page on the Przewozy Regionalne website also includes electronic departure information for main stations (click on "Tablice Informacyjne") showing PR trains only. Station departure and arrival sheets showing all operators can be downloaded as pdf files for many locations (enter the name of the station in the search box: departures in time order are shown as "ODJAZDY szczegółowy", and departures by destination as "ODJAZDY relacyjny". Arrivals in time order are "PRZYJAZDY szczegółowy").

www.pkp.pl  PKP Group - main corporate website of the state owned railway. Used to include a detailed map of railways in Poland in pdf format which includes distances and regional boundaries.

The private website mareczek.szczecin.pl has links to rail fares information for each rail operator.

Rail Operators - Regional and Local

Arriva RP  Operator of certain local rail services in the Kujawsko Pomorskie region (serving Bydgoszcz, Toruń and Grudziądz). [Timetables]

Koleje Dolnośląskie  Operator of certain local rail services in the Wrocław, Kłodzko and Jelenia Góra areas.

Koleje Małopolskie  New operator from January 2015 of certain local services in the Kraków area.

Koleje Mazowieckie  Operator of many outer-suburban rail services in the Warsaw area.

EIC at Wroclaw

An EIC train having arrived at Wrocław from Warszawa in July 2014

Koleje Śląskie  Operator of most local rail services in Upper Silesia (around the Katowice area). Operations were previously centered on the Gliwice - Katowice - Sosnowiec - Częstochowa axis, but from December 2012 Koleje Śląskie obtained the contract to run most other local services in the region, previously operated by Przewozy Regionalne. [Timetables & map]

Koleje Wielkopolskie   Operator since June 2011 of certain local rail services in the Wielkopolska region, including Poznan - Wolsztyn. [Timetables]

Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna (ŁKA)  New regional operator which commenced operations in June 2014, initially on the Łódź - Sieradz route.

SKM Trojmiasto  Subsidiary of PKP operating local electric services in the Tricity area (Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot). Timetables (Rozkład jazdy) are available in pdf and Excel format.

SKM Warszawa  Operator of certain urban rail services in Warsaw since 2004, principally using the cross-city line. Includes services on the new rail link to Chopin Airport opened in June 2012.

WKD Warszawa  Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa - suburban light rail line linking Warsaw with Milanówek and Grodzisk Mazowiecki to the south-west of Warsaw.

Warsaw Metro

www.metro.waw.pl  The official Warsaw metro website.

metro-stacja.com  An enthusiast site about the Warsaw metro with a lot of information in Polish.

General Rail and Public Transport

Urząd Transportu Kolejowego  Official Polish Government rail site with extensive web links, including a narrow gauge section.

Rynek Kolejowy  Professional journal and news website covering the rail and public transport industries in Poland. Polish language only.

Transport Publiczny  News website majoring on urban public transport. Polish language.

Atlas Kolejowy Polski   Extensive enthusiast site with information on lines, stations, distances, tunnels etc. Most interesting are the historical railway maps, which are zoomable. Also includes track plans for a handful of places, including Wolsztyn.

Baza Kolejowa  Database of Polish stations with historical information, including old maps and photos.

English & Polish Railway Dictionary  A list of railway terms in English and Polish.

Kolejowa Toplista Links to lots of Polish railway enthusiast sites including many photo galleries.

www.lhs.com.pl  Official site of the Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa broad gauge freight line linking Sławków (25 km east of Katowice) with the Ukraine. Built in the 1970s mainly to carry iron ore from the Ukraine to the Katowice steel plant, it also has its own enthusiast website, www.lhs.pl.

Rudy Narrow Gauge Railway

The popular narrow gauge tourist line at Rudy near Rybnik

Narrow Gauge, Tourist Lines, Rail Museums

www.narrowrail.net  A comprehensive and up-to-date English language site covering all Polish narrow gauge lines, many of which operate tourist services during the summer. Includes a blog and links to relevant websites. Another English website with photos and background information (though not up to date) is www.cleve.com.

Behind the Water Tower  An interesting English language blog about Polish rail, including the narrow gauge lines and railway museums. Has links to various websites of interest to enthusiasts.

wask.pl  A site in Polish with historical information about many of the Polish narrow gauge lines. A German site entitled Scmalspurbahnen in Polen also has many interesting maps and photos.

The Wolsztyn Experience  A society run by British steam train enthusiasts to support the continued use of scheduled steam services in Poland. Runs regular footplate courses and steam specials.

'Skansen' open-air railway museums are at Jaworzyna Śląska between Wroclaw and Wałbrzych (line 240) and at Chabówka between Kraków and Zakopane (line 135). Enthusiast sites covering the museums include www.pawowozy.pl which covers Chabówka in both Polish and English, whilst www.kolej.one.pl includes pages about Jaworzyna. www.smkjaworzyna.pl.tl is the site of Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Kolei z Jaworzyny Śląskiej (Jaworzyna Slaska Railway Fans Association).

Another railway museum is located at Gryfice - the website of the National Museum in Szczecin has details (scroll down to "Wystawa Nadmorskiej Kolei Wąskotorowej").

The Warsaw Railway Museum is centrally located in the former Warsaw Główna railway terminus, although it is likely to be relocated at some point in the future. The narrow gauge arm of the museum is located at Sochaczew some 55 km from Warsaw on rail line 606.