The operator of trams and buses in Wrocław is MPK Wrocław. A range of tickets is available including 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour tickets, valid on all trams and MPK buses. There is a map of ticket sales points.

MAPS - A map of the tram system is available in pdf format (from May 1st 2014 there is an amended map which includes diverted tram lines due to street reconstruction). A list of the latest maps (including diversions) is here. There is also a Google map where you can display individual routes by clicking the appropriate boxes and a map showing the current position of vehicles on the routes you select.

TIMETABLES - the Wrocław website has online timetables - you have to choose a route then a particular stop to display the times.

HERITAGE TRAM ROUTE - a museum tram line is believed to run on Summer Sundays; details to follow. Heritage vehicles are available to hire.

FLEETLIST - the Wikipedia page Tramways in Wrocław has some basic details of the tram fleet, whilst the Polish version Tramwaje we Wrocławiu includes much more such as details of depots and historical information including start dates for the routes. There are also links to various other sites covering the history of the system. See also below.


Click on the thumbnail for my own map of Wrocław (6Mb pdf file)

Transport Enthusiast's Map of Wrocław


A privately run news-style website covering transport in the Wrocław area is called Transport News. It includes detailed information on the types of buses in use, also the Skoda 16T trams introduced from 2006.

A further website is wroclawskakomunikacja.pl which has a large range of information including details of the fleet, whilst Komunikacji Miejskiej we Wrocławiu is another enthusiast website with masses of information.

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