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Smichov, Prague

Trams and buses meet at Smíchov

See also the section on Czech Public Transport below.  Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy - the operator of the metro, trams and buses in Prague. Includes pages in English about the Transport Museum and the Heritage tram route numbered 41 which runs at weekends for most of the year.  The Prague Integrated Transport site, with route and tariff information.  Masses of information (in Czech) for the fan of Prague trams. Click on 'Vozy' for details of the various types of tram, depot allocations, and photos of most of the fleet. There is also lots of historical stuff, details of depots past and present, allocations of trams to routes, links to annual reports etc. Highly recommended.  Detailed enthusiast website with an extensive photo gallery majoring on Prague. Click on 'Statistika' for a summary of the Prague bus fleet and detailed fleet lists by type. The Jízdní Radní (timetables) tab has links to the timetables of over 120 towns and cities in the Czech Republic.  Pražské autobusy - devoted to Prague buses with fleet lists, galleries, route information etc.

Trolejbusy v Praze  An extensive site in Czech about trolleybuses and electric buses in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic, both historical and present day.

Every Public Transit Stop in Prague  A project to photograph and describe every tram and bus stop in Prague, with some interesting background information about the localities and what the names mean.

For links about the metro see the Metro page.

Czech Public Transport - Enthusiast Sites  Bedřicha Zenáhlíka's excellent site covering most cities in the Czech Republic. This well thought out website has first class photos accompanied by a wealth of interesting and up-to-date background information. All in the Czech language, but well worth putting through "Google Translate".  This huge site has masses of information and photos on Czech and Slovak networks, including detailed fleet lists and historical items (including technical information about the old Tatra trams). There are useful links to operators' websites and an up-to-date news section.  This website has regularly updated news items about fleet changes etc from around the Czech Republic.  A thematic enthusiast site with items on various Czech transport topics. Includes lots of background stuff including photos of tickets, bus and tram stops etc. Has some historical items on Prague, for example covering metro expansion and the history of the railways.  Lots of transport topics to explore in this enthusiast site. Includes a section of tram and trolleybus track plans and a model section with cardboard models to download.  This site majors on route and tariff information. Has some information in English.  Another mine of information (with an active discussion group) about all things concerning railways and city transport in the Czech Republic and elsewhere. Includes a detailed listing of transport museums.  A topic and news based transport site.  Regularly updated news items concerning the bus industry in the Czech Republic.  Michael Taylor is an American who has taken many tram, bus and rail pictures in the Czech Republic and elsewhere. Captions (in English) are informative.  A German site with some pictures of Prague trams by type (including some museum trams). Includes sections on several other Czech tram systems.  A detailed German site about Tatra trams with technical specifications for each type.  Photos and fleet information for a variety of bus fleets throughout the Czech Republic.  Tram and trolleybus photos from around the world including Brno, Ostrava and Plzen.  This site has a lot of information about transport in various towns and cities but has not been updated recently.


Tatra T3 trams in Brno

Czech Cities with Trams and Trolleybuses

Brno  Operator: Dopravní podnik města Brna (DPMB). An excellent enthusiast website is

Ostrava  Operator: Dopravní podnik Ostrava (DPO).

Plzeň  Operator: Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky (PMDP). Enthusiast website:

Other Czech Cities with Trams

Liberec  Operator: Dopravní podnik města Liberce a Jablonce n.N. (DPMLJ).

Most & Litvinov  Operator: Dopravní Podnik měst Mostu a Litvínova.

Olomouc  Operator: Dopravní podnik města Olomouca (DPMO). Enthusiast site:

Other Czech Cities with Trolleybuses

České Budějovice  Operator: Dopravní podnik města České Budějovice.

Chomutov & Jirkov  Operator: Dopravní podnik města Chomutova a Jirkova.

Hradec Králové  Operator: Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové.  Enthusiast site:

Jihlava  Operator: Dopravní podnik města Jihlavy.

Mariánské Lázně  Operator: Městská Doprava Mariánské Lázně.  Municipal website (transport page): Mariánské Lázně

Opava  Operator: Městský dopravní podnik Opava.

Pardubice  Operator: Dopravní podnik města Pardubic.  Enthusiast site:

Teplice  Operator: Arriva Teplice (formerly Veolia).

Ústí nad Labem  Operator: Dopravní podnik města Ústí nad Labem.

Zlín-Otrokovice  Operator: Dopravní společnost Zlín-Otrokovice.

Inter-City and Country Buses  Journey Planner for all public transport in the Czech Republic. For English version click on "English" bottom right.  Website of Prague's long-distance bus station at Florenc (served by Florenc metro station).

Student Agency  Student Agency's inter-city coaches. Services run hourly (or better) on many routes, for example Prague (Cerny Most metro station) to Liberec, Prague (Zličín metro station) to Plzeň, and from Prague's Florenc bus station to Karlovy Vary, České Budějovice and Český Krumlov. Click on the flag top right for the English version.

Railway Museum

The railway museum at Lužná u Rakovníka

Railway Links  Czech Railways official website (English version).  Student Agency's Regiojet website. The principal rail route is Prague - Ostrava - Havířov, with some trains extended to Žilina and (from October 2014) Slovakia's second city, Košice.  LEO Express - new operator on the Prague - Ostrava route from December 2012, with one train extended to Košice from December 2014.  Klub železničních cestovatelů (KŽC) - operator of heritage diesel railcars on several lines in summer, including weekend trips on the scenic 'Prague Semmering' line (a short journey from the centre of Prague to Zličín station in the suburbs, adjacent to Řepy tram terminus).  Jindřichohradecké místní dráhy (JHMD) - narrow gauge railways based in Jindřichuv Hradec.  Excellent site for enthusiasts and professionals with frequently updated news items.  A Czech and Slovak enthusiast site covering all aspects of railways.  Contains many interesting articles on rail topics over the years (and some tramway items), also rail photos categorised by loco type. Some parts of the site are in English.  English website by Duncan Cotterill with hundreds of superb railway photos taken in the Czech Republic (and elsewhere, notably China). Also has lots of useful background information and trip reports.  A list in English of lines in the Czech Republic with obscure or sparse passenger services.  The national railway museum at Lužná u Rakovníka.  Národní technické muzeum - Prague's science museum, which includes some railway exhibits.  Posázavský pacifik - site about the scenic lines numbered 210 Prague - Vrané - Čerčany (also the branch to Dobříš) and 212 Čerčany – Kácov – Světlá nad Sázavou.  An association involved with railway preservation and the occasional special train.  Iron Monument Club, Plzeň - has a small collection of steam locomotives and runs occasional special trains.  Website (in English) about the modernisation of Praha hlavní station.  A comprehensive and up-to-date site about funicular railways, cable cars, chair lifts, ski lifts etc in the Czech Republic.  Railway Kingdom - huge model railway near Anděl in Prague.

Transport Bookshop  Progomodel has its main shop at Klimentská 32 (open Monday to Friday 1100-1800 and Saturdays 0900-1200) selling new and second hand transport books as well as model railway items. There is also a small kiosk at Masarykovo railway station, open Monday to Friday only, 1000-1800. It's located at the far end of the ticket hall on the southern side of the station near the exit onto Hybernská.