European Rail Timetable

Train times throughout Europe - and beyond

ERT cover Spring 2023

CLICK ON THE COVER IMAGE above (or click here) to be taken to the website of European Rail Timetable Ltd where you can purchase the print or ditigal editions of the European Rail Timetable. A range of related products is also available such as the Rail Map of Europe and the Europe by Rail guidebook.

The monthly European Rail Timetable has over 600 pages containing the timings and other important details of over 50,000 trains and ferries throughout Europe, selected by experts. It is an essential publication for anyone travelling around Europe by rail or who in any way requires knowledge of train times and routes. Its coverage is extensive, from Britain and Ireland in the west to Russia in the east, with main lines and many branch lines too, especially in popular tourist areas. A separate Beyond Europe digital timetable covers principal routes outside Europe.

All monthly editions are available in digital form for your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Four editions per year are also available in traditional printed form.

The timetable has a long heritage, having been published by travel company Thomas Cook for 140 years between 1873 and 2013, known as the Continental Timetable before being renamed the European Rail Timetable. In 2013 Thomas Cook decided to downsize and concentrate on its core package holiday business, and the rights to publish the timetable and associated products were purchased by John Potter of the editorial team. After a short break publication of the timetable recommenced in 2014 under its new owner, European Rail Timetable Ltd, employing the same team of experts with their intimate knowledge of rail networks worldwide.

To find out more about the current timetable, please visit the publisher's website. Otherwise you can click the link above to find out a little more about the timetable's history.