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Dews Coaches

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Dews Coaches 1A
St Ives - Fenstanton - Bar Hill
DEWS_1A_2017_09_04.pdf  NEW formerly section of Whippet 1A M-F
DEWS_1A_2019_07_08.pdf  Rerouted via St Ives Morrisons
DEWS_1A_v2_2019_07_08.pdf  2nd copy (CAPCA)
2021_08_13 WITHDRAWN replaced by A2B Bus & Coach 1A

Dews Coaches 8
Cambridge - Bar Hill - Papworth Everard
DEWS_8_2024_06_03.pdf  NEW previously A2B Bus & Coach 8

Dews Coaches 9
St Ives - Hemingford Abbots - Fenstanton - Hilton
DEWS_09_2017_09_04.pdf  NEW formerly Whippet 9
DEWS_09_2019_07_08.pdf  Rerouted via St Ives Morrisons
Huntingdon - Hemingford Abbots - St Ives - Hilton - St Ives

Dews Coaches 15
St Ives - Fenstanton - Over
DEWS_15_2017_09_04.pdf  NEW formerly Whippet 15
DEWS_15_2019_07_08.pdf  Rerouted via St Ives Morrisons
2021_08_13 WITHDRAWN replaced by A2B Bus & Coach 15

Dews Coaches 21
St Ives - Earith - Somersham - Warboys - Ramsey
DEWS_21_2017_09_04.pdf  NEW formerly Whippet 21
DEWS_21_2019_07_08.pdf  Rerouted via St Ives Morrisons
DEWS_21_v2_2019_07_08.pdf  2nd copy Dews website
DEWS_21_2023_01_03.pdf  Minor timing changes

Dews Coaches 22
St Ives - Earith - Somersham - Warboys - Woodhurst
DEWS_22_2016_07_25.pdf  NEW replaces part of Whippet 22
DEWS_22_2017_12_28.pdf  Approx date (from doc props)
2021_09_27 WITHDRAWN replaced by Vectare 22

Dews Coaches 22A
St Ives town service
DEWS_22A_2022_10_31.pdf  NEW formerly Stagecoach 22
2023_09_04 WITHDRAWN renumbered 300

Dews Coaches 29
Serpentine Green - Peterborough City Hospital
DEWS_29_2022_10_31.pdf  NEW formerly Stagecoach 29; operated by Fowlers on behalf of Dews
2024_03_30 WITHDRAWN without replacement

Dews Coaches 45A
St Ives - Houghton - Huntingdon
DEWS_45A_2017_09_04.pdf  NEW formerly Whippet 21
DEWS_45A_2019_07_08.pdf  Extended to St Ives Morrisons
2020_10_23 WITHDRAWN

Dews Coaches 46A
Hampton - Folksworth - Sawtry - Alconbury - Huntingdon
DEWS_46A_2019_07_15.pdf  NEW previously HACT
DEWS_46A_2019_10_28.pdf  Valid as at date shown
2021_12_31 WITHDRAWN replaced Alconbury - Huntingdon by AW1

Dews Coaches 61
St Neots town service
DEWS_61_2023_03_20.pdf  NEW previously Whippet 61 61X (tt has wrong year)
2024_06_03 WITHDRAWN Replaced by Vectare 61

Dews Coaches 65
St Neots - The Offords - Buckden
DEWS_65_2019_07_15.pdf  NEW previously HACT
DEWS_65_2019_10_28.pdf  Valid as at date shown

Dews Coaches 150
St Neots - Kimbolton - Tilbrook
DEWS_150_2019_07_15.pdf  NEW previously HACT

Dews Coaches 300
St Ives town service
DEWS_300_2023_09_04.pdf  NEW renumbered from 22A

Dews Coaches 301
St Ives - Earith - Somersham - Warboys - Ramsey
DEWS_301_2022_10_31.pdf  NEW formerly Stagecoach V1
DEWS_301_2023_01_03.pdf  Minor revisions
DEWS_301_2023_09_04.pdf  Minor revisions

Dews Coaches 302
St Ives - Warboys - Chatteris - March
DEWS_302_2022_10_31.pdf  NEW formerly Stagecoach V2
DEWS_302_2023_01_03.pdf  Addl evening jny

Dews Coaches 305
Huntingdon - Warboys - Ramsey - Chatteris
DEWS_305_2022_10_31.pdf  NEW formerly Stagecoach 30/35 combined
DEWS_305_2023_01_03.pdf  Addl evening jny

Dews Coaches 400
Huntingdon - Spaldwick - Grafham - Huntingdon
DEWS_400_2021_08_16.pdf  NEW formerly Whippet 401
DEWS_400_v2_2021_08_16.pdf  2nd copy (CAPCA)

Dews Coaches 401
Huntingdon - Great Gidding - Leighton Bromswold
DEWS_401_2021_08_16.pdf  NEW formerly Whippet 401
DEWS_401_v2_2021_08_16.pdf  2nd copy (CAPCA)

Dews Coaches 415
Upwood - Woodwalton - Folksworth - Peterborough
DEWS_415_2019_07_15.pdf  NEW previously FACT
DEWS_415_2019_08_07.pdf  Revised route in Holme
DEWS_415_2021_08_11.pdf  Reissued following retender

Dews Coaches Ely Zipper
Ely - Haddenham - Witcham - Ely
DEWS_ZIP_2018_10_01.pdf  Valid as at date shown
DEWS_ZIP_2019_11_04.pdf  Rerouted via Lancaster Way Business Park
DEWS_ZIP_v2_2019_11_04.pdf  2nd copy (Cambs CC)
DEWS_ZIP_2021_07_07.pdf  Approx date (from doc props)

Dews Coaches Ely Zipper 2
Ely - Sutton - Chatteris
DEWS_ZIP2_2022_10_31.pdf  Formerly Stagecoach (part of 39)
DEWS_ZIP2_2023_01_03.pdf  Revised timings
DEWS_ZIP2_2023_09_04.pdf  Minor timing changes
DEWS_ZIP2_2024_06_03.pdf  Extended on Sats to Ely Leisure Village

Dews Coaches AW1
Huntingdon - Alconbury Weald - Alconbury Weston
DEWS_AW1_2022_01_04.pdf  NEW partially replacing 46A
DEWS_AW1_2022_05_23.pdf  Minor timing changes
DEWS_AW1_2023_07_24.pdf  Sunday service revised

Dews Coaches Alconbury Staff Bus
Cambridge North Station - Bar Hill - Alconbury Weald
DEWS_AW_2021_09_14.pdf  NEW
2023_01_31 WITHDRAWN