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Wisbech Area

Dates are year-month-day. Each timetable opens in a new tab. Only services wholly in Cambridgeshire are shown (Lincolnshire services are dealt with separately).

Stagecoach 56
Wisbech - March - Benwick or Manea
LS_56_2020_05_31.pdf  Change to school jnys
LS_56_2020_08_30.pdf  New Sat jny
LS_56_2022_01_02.pdf  Reissued
LS_56_2022_10_26.pdf  Reissued (date from doc props)

Stagecoach 66
Wisbech town service
LS_66_2020_03_25.pdf  Minor change
LS_66_2020_05_31.pdf  Minor change
LS_66_2020_08_30.pdf  Reissued in public format
LS_66_2022_01_02.pdf  Reissued
LS_66_2022_10_26.pdf  Reissued (date from doc props)

Stagecoach 68
Wisbech town service
SP_68_2024_06_03.pdf  NEW previously Fenland Association for Community Transport 68

Stagecoach 46
Kings Lynn - St Germans - Wisbech - Guyhirn - March
SCNG_46_2018_01_07.pdf  Revised times
2018_04_29 WITHDRAWN replaced by Coastal Red (Lynx) 46 Kings Lynn - Wisbech and Stagecoach (Peterborough depot) 46 Wisbech - March