Deeping St James

Delaine service 102   From 04/01/22

* Not serving Godsey Lane (terminates at Health Centre or continues to Bourne).

Peterborough > Deeping St James

MONS TO FRIS:  1015 and hourly until 1515 then 1645*, 1715*, 1745*.

SATURDAYS:  No service.

SUNDAYS:  No service.

Journeys at 1015 and hourly until 1515 continue to Godsey Lane/Charter Ave (near Tesco)

Deeping St James (Thackers Way) > Peterborough

MONS TO FRIS:  0703, 0858 and hourly until 1358 then 1558.

SATURDAYS:  No service.

SUNDAYS:  No service.

Buses leave Towngate East/Health Centre 5 minutes earlier than shown.
Journeys from Godsey Lane/Charter Ave (near Tesco) depart Mon-Fri at 0951 and hourly until 1351, also 1551.

Peterborough Queensgate Bay 4 --> Bourges Boulevard --> Werrington Parkway --> Market Deeping, Market Place --> Deeping St James, Horsegate --> Deeping St James Thackers Way shops --> Market Deeping Towngate East/Health Centre --> certain journeys to/from Market Deeping Godsey Lane/Charter Ave (near Tesco)

Journey 27 minutes to Thackers Way, 32 minutes to Towngate East. Certain journeys continue to/from Bourne.

Page updated 24/12/21