News Archive 2000

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough during 2000 (working up the page).

Latest features

bullet Delaine's new low-floor double decker is the subject of the new Fleet News page which will feature occasional items about new deliveries and other major changes.

bullet January's Nostalgia page is now on-line, featuring two views from the 1980's. It has been moved into a new Enthusiast's section which also contains the Fleet News page.

bullet Relevant destinations have been cross-referenced to the rail and express coach pages.


Additions to the site

bullet Newborough, Peakirk, Maxey and Etton have been added over Christmas.


New Delaine web site

bullet Just noticed that the Delaine web site is now up and running on Timetables can be viewed using Acrobat, and there are fleetlists and pictures as well as a news page and a potted history. Well done to Delaine for this comprehensive site. A link to this site has been added on the Web Links - Buses page.


Christmas and New Year holiday services

bullet There will be no buses running in Peterborough on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year's Day.

bullet Stagecoach will be running a Saturday service on December 27, 28 and 29. A normal service will run on all other days (i.e. Saturday service on December 23 and 30 and Sunday service on December 24 and 31).

bullet Delaine will be running a normal service except on December 25, 26 and January 1.

bullet Morleys will also be running a normal service December 27 to 29. On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, a normal Sunday service will operate except that the last Morley's bus from Queensgate will be at 1945.

bullet No National Express services will run on Dec. 25, 26 or Jan. 1 except that a special service to London (service 848) will operate on Dec. 26 and Jan. 1 departing at 0925 and 1525, returning from Victoria Coach Station at 1230 and 1830.


Stagecoach restructuring

bullet Stagecoach Viscount, Stagecoach Cambus and Stagecoach United Counties have been regrouped to form Stagecoach East based in Northampton. The Stagecoach Viscount name will be phased out over the coming months in favour of "Stagecoach in Peterborough". For simplicity this website will simply refer to "Stagecoach" and pages will be changed as they are next updated.


Additions to the site

bullet More city destinations have been added, namely Gunthorpe, Paston (Sheepwalk) and Werrington Centre. Parnwell and Welland have also been added in recent weeks.

bullet December's nostalgia page takes us back nearly 100 years to Peterborough's first trams.

bullet The summary of Express Coach departures now also includes a summary of arrivals.


Additional evening and Sunday service

bullet A welcome development from October 29 is the introduction of a half-hourly evening and Sunday service to Westwood and Bretton. This is achieved by running an hourly service on route 2 during these periods, which, together with existing service 53, gives the half-hourly frequency. The additional journeys on route 2 leave Queensgate hourly 1845 to 2245 on Mondays to Saturdays, and hourly 1035 to 1635 and 1745 to 2245 on Sundays.

bullet These extra journeys on route 2 continue to Edith Cavell Hospital as normal, giving this location its first regular evening and Sunday service.

bullet The Bretton and North Bretton page has been updated (01/11/00).


New Features

bullet Click on Nostalgia for a new monthly feature delving into the archives!

bullet Two new Web Links pages have been added to the site, one for buses and one for rail. More links to follow.

bullet Further details of the Christmas Park and Ride scheme have been added to the Park and Ride page.


Latest additions

bullet Ailsworth and Castor have now been added to the site.


Christmas Park and Ride

bullet The Park and Ride scheme will run on Saturdays from October 28 to January 6, with car parks at the Showground and Perkins as last year. For further details see the Park and Ride page.


National Express

bullet The summary of express coach departures has been updated with the introduction of the National Express winter timetable. The only change to note is that the 1230 to London departs 30 minutes earlier at 1200.

bullet No National Express services will run on Dec. 25, 26 or Jan. 1. However, a special service to London (service 848) will operate on Dec. 26 and Jan. 1 departing at 0925 and 1525, returning from Victoria Coach Station at 1230 and 1830.


Peterborough - Stamford changes

bullet Kimes changed their Peterborough - Stamford timetable from September 6th. On Mondays to Fridays the 1725 from Peterborough is retimed to 1745, and the 0645 from Stamford now leaves at 0625. On Saturdays the 1200 from Peterborough and the 1100 and 1330 from Stamford have been withdrawn, whilst the 1415 from Peterborough is retimed to 1400.

bullet Road Car service 104 was withdrawn from September 4th, according to Lincolnshire County Council. This service used to reach Peterborough on Saturdays only, with two journeys to Oakham via Stamford, one of which extended to Cottesmore.

bullet The Stamford and Wansford pages on this site have been updated to take account of these changes.


New national enquiry number

bullet A new initiative by local authorities and public transport operators is a national Public Transport Information Line on telephone number 0870 608 2 608. The service is available from 7am to 9pm daily. Calls are automatically directed to the nearest call centre, which in our case is located in Northampton.

bullet This centre is equipped to give information covering a wide area, which includes Peterborough, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Further developments over the next year or so will enable information for anywhere in the country to be obtained with a single phone call.

bullet Further details can be found in the Peterborough City Council Press Release dated 24/07/00, available on the Council's web site.


Open topper out of service

bullet The open top Bristol Lodekka is out of service with clutch trouble and has had to be sent away. Sadly it will not re-enter service this season, and services 60/61 will continue to be operated by ordinary double deckers until the service finishes in mid-September.


Stagecoach Viscount timetable changes from 4th September

bullet Stagecoach Viscount has altered many timetables from 4th September, mostly affecting early morning and morning peak-hour journeys on city services 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 19. Earlybird services 20 - 23 are withdrawn and replaced by journeys on regular daytime routes.

bullet Some journeys on Oundle service 42 are also retimed and most service 43/43A journeys have changed.

bullet There is an additional service 14A journey from Queensgate at 0820 to Thorpe Wood (Thomas Cook), South Bretton and Bretton Centre.

bullet The Viscount journeys on service 308 are withdrawn and replaced by extending one journey each way on route 7 becoming 7B. The first of the two afternoon journeys, however, is replaced by an extension of the 13 from Werrington.

bullet The strangely numbered 33 becomes a regular 14 journey in the same timings (why was this numbered differently in the first place?).

bullet Peterborough - March journeys at 1615 and 1715 on route X7 run 15 minutes later.

bullet New timetables are now available from the bus station. In the new leaflets some services are newly grouped together, e.g. 13/15/19.

bullet Peterborough City Council has commendably produced a detailed 4-page document listing all the changes journey by journey. Although this does not seem to be in evidence at the bus station, copies are available from the Central Library and from Council offices. It is headed "Bus News, Issue No. 6" (Issues 1 to 5 seem to have passed me by - did anyone else see them?). The document does not appear to be available on the Council's web site.

bullet Destinations already shown on this site have been updated to include the above changes.


Additional Delaine journey from 4th September

bullet A new Bourne - Peterborough journey has been introduced at 0800 on Mondays to Fridays on route 101. In addition, the 0800 from Peterborough to Bourne (route 102) has been extended to Morton on Saturdays and school holidays. Delaine has produced a new timetable for the 101/2 showing the changes.


Change of operator

bullet The Sunday journeys (one each way) on service 747 Peterborough - Leicester are now operated by Roberts Tours Ltd of Coalville. Does anyone know, for the record, exactly when this company took over from Leicester City Bus on the route? Early July seems likely.


2 July 2000

bullet Eastern Counties X94 Peterborough - Gorleston extended to Lowestoft. Most Monday to Saturday journeys retimed 10 minutes earlier. Deviation via Showcase cinema (one evening journey each way) withdrawn.

28 June 2000

bullet Kimes Boston - Peterborough service (Fridays only) withdrawn.

28 May 2000

bullet New hourly Stagecoach Express service X4 Peterborough - Northampton replaces two-hourly X65. Extended to Peterborough Rail Station and serves Wicksteed Park and Wellingborough. Sunday service introduced, replacing First Choice service Peterborough - Corby. Shown in National Rail Timetable.

bullet Peterborough - Oundle area routes 365, 366 and 367 restructured and renumbered 42 and 43 (also variations 43A and 43B).

bullet New service X7 Peterborough - March replaced X55 Peterborough - March - Chatteris - Cambridge. New service X8 Cambridge - Ely - Chatteris - March - Wisbech replaced X56 (which avoided Ely and also extended to King's Lynn). Service X7 also does town service loop in March to Badgeney Road. On Sundays X7 extends beyond March to Cambridge giving hourly service between March and Cambridge with X8.

bullet Viscount service 336 Peterborough - Wisbech renumbered 36. Increased hourly service Peterborough - Thorney but only extended to Wisbech during peak hours.

bullet New Sunday Peterborough - Huntingdon service 1A operated by Whippet Coaches, replacing Viscount service 153 and Myalls Coaches 150 (both were Peterborough - Huntingdon - Cambridge).

27 May 2000

bullet Open top services 60/61 reintroduced for summer season in similar timetable to last year (first ran 1999) but for extended season: Saturdays and Sundays May 27 to September 17 and daily July 24 - September 1. Last year ran daily July 3 - September 5. Routes are 60 Queensgate - Ferry Meadows - Wansford - Sacrewell Farm - Ailsworth - Queensgate and 61 Queensgate - Ailsworth - Nene Valley Railway - Ferry Meadows - Queengate.

22 May 2000

bullet National Express service 308 curtailed to run Great Yarmouth - Norwich - Peterborough - Birmingham. The Birmingham - Aberdare portion transferred to new service 321 Bradford - Pontypridd, with no connection at Birmingham between the two services.

30 April 2000

bullet Delaine 102 Peterborough - Bourne: Sunday journeys retimed earlier.

27 February 2000

bullet Viscount service 46 Peterborough - Huntingdon renumbered X46 and extended to Bedford, replacing United Counties service X1.

bullet United Counties X51 Peterborough - Huntingdon - Cambridge withdrawn. New Viscount service X48 introduced in partial replacement (2 peak hour journeys each way only).

21 February 2000

bullet Searles 302 Peterborough - Stamford (one journey each way Monday to Friday) now operated by First Choice Travel.

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