Route News 2008

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough in 2008 (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

Christmas and New Year Alterations

bullet Wednesday December 24
Stagecoach will run until approx 2000 hrs, with the last journeys in each direction as follows:
citi 1 - 1937 from Werrington to Orton (2015 in city centre); 1940 from Orton to Werrington (2015 in city centre)
citi 2 - 2015 from city centre to Paston; 2030 from city centre to Bretton
citi 3 - 2043 from Bretton to Yaxley (2015 in city centre); 1934 from Yaxley to Bretton (2015 in city centre)
citi 4 - 2030 from city centre to Welland
citi 5 - 2007 from city centre to Dogsthorpe
citi 6 - 1950 from city centre to Hampton
citi 7 - 1739 from Yaxley to Eye (1814 in city centre); 1758 from Eye to Yaxley (1820 in city centre)
33 - 2020 from Peterborough to Whittlesey; 1704 from March to Peterborough
X4: 1930 and 2030 Peterborough to Northampton will terminate at Kettering (based on last year's information).
Delaine 101/102 normal service until 1700, then 1730 and 1800 to Bourne; last journey Bourne - Peterborough at 1700. Delaine 201: last bus from Stamford 1600, from Peterborough 1715.
First Excel X1 Last bus towards Peterborough will be 1959 from King's Lynn; last X1 from Peterborough will be the 2118 (the 1918 and 2018 will run only to King's Lynn).
LocalLink (Peterborough City Council), Kimes and Veolia will run a normal service until approx 2000 hrs.

bullet Thursday December 25 - NO SERVICE.

bullet Friday December 26 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run a journey to London at 1005, returning at 1730.

bullet Saturday December 27 - normal Saturday service.

bullet Sunday December 28 - Normal Sunday service.

bullet Monday December 29 and Tuesday December 30 - Stagecoach and Delaine will run a SATURDAY service. Normal service on other routes.

bullet Wednesday December 31 - Stagecoach and Delaine will run a SATURDAY service until about 2000 hrs. Last journeys are as shown above under December 24. For other operators see above under December 24.

bullet Thursday January 1 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run a journey to London at 1005, returning at 1830.

bullet Friday January 2 - Stagecoach and Delaine will run a SATURDAY service. Normal service on other routes.

bullet Saturday January 3 - Normal service resumes.


Extra evening buses during December

bullet On Mondays to Fridays from December 1st to 23rd there will extra evening journeys as follows for Christmas shoppers:

bullet Stagecoach service 33 - 2120 Peterborough to Whittlesey Market Place.

bullet Stagecoach service 46 - 2115 Peterborough to Hampton Hargate, Hampton Vale, Stilton and Sawtry.

bullet Delaine service 101/2 - 1830 Bourne-Queensgate, 1930 Queensgate-Bourne, 2115 Queensgate-Bourne.

bullet These extra journeys will not be shown on the destination pages on this site.


Free Christmas Park and Ride service

bullet Peterborough City Council's free Park and Ride service will run from Lynch Wood and Perkins again this year:

bullet Saturday service - November 1st to December 27th. From the Diligenca car park at Lynch Wood every 12 minutes (first bus 0805, last bus from Queensgate 1812). From Perkins Car Park near Sainsburys every 8 to 12 minutes (first bus 0809, last bus from Queensgate 1814). Passengers using the Perkins car park may also use Stagecoach Citi 7, included in the above frequency. The Saturday services are operated by Stagecoach.

bullet Sunday service - November 30th to December 21st. From the Diligenca car park at Lynch Wood every 12 minutes (first bus 1005, last bus from Queensgate 1700). From Perkins Car Park near Sainsburys every 8 to 12 minutes (first bus 1000, last bus from Queensgate 1701). The Sunday services are operated by Veolia Transport.


Pop Ups - an Apology

bullet I have traced the annoying pop-up adverts which appeared to be associated with this website to the hit counter, which linked to a third party website. This is a shame as it has provided useful statistics for many years (originally named Nedstatbasic it was taken over by Motigo). I was pondering what to do when a couple of days ago I suddenly discovered that one of the pop ups was serving up malware - supposedly advertising "Antivirus 2009" but in fact trying to put a virus on the user's PC. I immediately removed the hit counter from this site. I apologise to anyone who may have fallen foul of this malware.


Minor change to Veolia service 47

bullet The inbound morning journey from Belton and Uppingham to Peterborough is running 5 minutes earlier from September 22nd. This is to allow the vehicle to perform a school contract following arrival in Peterborough.


Open Topper in service

bullet Stagecoach will be using their 1960s open top Bristol FLF (subject to availability) on regular services in the Oundle and Thrapston area each day from Tuesday August 26th until Saturday August 30th. Full details are on the Stagecoach website. Normal fares will apply and a Dayrider Plus or Family ticket will allow travel throughout.


Hampton Taxibus

bullet The Taxibus service operated by National Express East Coast between Hampton and the Railway Station is to be withdrawn. The last day of service will be Friday July 25th.


Peterborough Bus Rally

bullet The Peterborough Bus Rally will take place on Sunday (July 13th) at Sacrewell Farm. Stagecoach will be providing a free bus service from Queensgate bus station (Bay 20) every hour from 1015 to 1515, returning hourly 1045 to 1545. There will also be a free vintage bus service from the rally site to the Nene Valley Railway every 20 minutes 1000 to 1540 (also at 1740) returning from the railway 15 minutes later.


Major Stagecoach changes from August 24th

bullet Stagecoach will be making changes to most routes from Sunday August 24th and will be taking the opportunity to integrate the former Cavalier Travel routes into the Stagecoach network. Details are as follows:

bullet Fletton, Park Farm, Yaxley: Citi 3 will no longer run through to Whittlesey or Yaxley and daytime journeys will terminate at Park Farm (every 10 minutes Mon-Sat, every 30 minutes Sundays) thereby doubling the frequency to Lawson Avenue and Park Farm. Evening journeys will however extend to Yaxley. During the day Yaxley will instead be served by new Citi 7 running Eye - Parnwell - Newark - Queensgate - Stanground - Yaxley every 20 minutes; this will also serve London Road and Fletton High Street instead of Citi 3. The 7 will also have an hourly Sunday service, but only between Queensgate and Yaxley.

bullet Hampton: Citi 6 will be changed in Hampton to serve the latest housing developments there (loop via Hargate Way, Silver Hill, Eagle Way, Vale Drive, Westlake Avenue, Four Chimneys Way, Hargate Way, Serpentine Green) and will only serve the railway station before 0900. Due to roadworks buses will follow the existing route for now.

bullet Northern Peterborough: As mentioned above, new Citi 7 will run Eye - Parnwell - Newark - Queensgate - Stanground - Yaxley every 20 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays. The teminus at Eye will be the Pioneer Caravan Centre. Citi 4 will run the opposite way round the Welland loop and will no longer serve Parnwell (replaced by Citi 7) returning instead via Eye Road. Citi 5 will no longer serve Furze Ride. There will be timing changes to Citi 2 and 3.

bullet Whittlesey and beyond: Citi 3 will no longer reach Whittlesey as mentioned above, but it will be served every 15 minutes by routes 31/32/33, which replace the former Cavalier Travel routes 331 and 337. Service 33 continues every 30 minutes to Coates and hourly to March. Ramsey will have an increased service running hourly (service 31), alternating via Mereside and Upton. Interesting new service 32 will run Peterborough - Whittlesey - Benwick - Chatteris every two hours; it runs hourly between Peterborough and Whittlesey to make up the combined 15 minute frequency between these points. On Sundays there will be a bus every 90 minutes between Peterborough and Whittlesey. Note that Peterborough - March journeys continue beyond March town centre to perform a town service (Morton Avenue and Cavalry Drive), and similarly in Ramsey three journeys continue to West Road.

bullet Thorney, Wisbech: Service X8 is cancelled, but the Peterborough - Thorney service reverts to its old number 36, and more journeys are extended to Wisbech. Chatteris will be served by new service 32 via Whittlesey (see above).

bullet Oundle, Deepings, Huntingdon: The Oundle area routes are renumbered but otherwise unchanged: 13/13A becomes 23/23A, X14 and 14 become 24 and 24A, 15 becomes 25. Deeping route 12 will be renumbered 22 and the Huntingdon service becomes 46 instead of 16.

01/07/08, updated 23/08/08

Summer weekend Skegness service

bullet Stagecoach will once again be running popular service X12 to Skegness this summer, on Saturdays and Sundays from July 26th to August 30th (also Bank Holiday Monday August 25th). Departure from Peterborough (Bay 16) will be at 0945, arriving Boston at 1105 and Skegness at 1140. The bus will also pick up at Lincoln Road (Paston Lane and Marholm Road), Market Deeping Market Place (1005) and Spalding Bus Station (1035). The return journey will leave Skegness at 1730 and Boston at 1800, arriving Peterborough 1910.

bullet Fares are £10 return for adults, £7 for children and £22 for a family (up to 4 people, no more than 2 adults). Please note that senior citizens are unable to use their free passes on this service (except from August 2nd between Peterborough and Boston, as the service has been registered as a local bus service rather than excursion between these points).

01/07/08, amended 17/07/08

Stagecoach X4 and First Excel X1

bullet The X4 has a revised timetable dated April 20th, and the X1 also has changes from April 27th. However in neither case are timings to or from Peterborough affected, except that the first X4 journey leaves Milton Keynes 10 minutes earlier at 0740 (unchanged from Northampton onwards).


Local Link - major changes from April 6th

bullet All of Peterborough City Council's Local Link services have changed from April 6th, with major changes in some cases. Links to the full timetables will be found on the Timetables by Route page. Most destination pages on this website have been updated but some are still to follow.

06/04/08, updated 27/04/08

Minor changes to Stagecoach X14 and 16

bullet From April 7th there will be an additional journey on service X14 at 0800 from Queensgate to Lynch Wood on Mondays to Fridays. This is in partial replacement for Cavalier service 27 which is withdrawn.

bullet There are also minor changes to service 16 Peterborough - Huntingdon, concerning journeys via Folksworth. The 0900 from Huntingdon is retimed to 0905 and no longer calls at Folksworth, whereas the 1205 from Huntingdon now calls there (at 1253) arriving Peterborough 5 minutes later than before.


Stagecoach Fares

bullet Single tickets are going up on April 6th, but the Dayrider is held at £3 and the Megarider at £10. The Dayrider Plus, however, goes up from £4.50 to £5, and the Family Dayrider Plus from £5 to £5.50. The Megarider Plus jumps from £15 to £20.


Cavalier Travel / Huntingdon & District

bullet All Cavalier Travel and Huntingdon & District bus services have been taken over by Stagecoach. Timetables remain unchanged. Cavalier Travel are continuing as a private hire (taxi) operator.


Easter bus services

bullet Good Friday, 21st March - Unlike last year, Stagecoach will be operating a Sunday service. Delaine, however, are running a Saturday service (last bus 1730 from Bourne, 1830 from Peterborough). First X1, Cavalier and Whippet - Sunday service (but Saturday service on 415). No service on Kimes, Judds or Fowlers. City Council Local Link - no service on 404, Saturday service on 409, 410, 411 and 415, otherwise normal.

bullet Easter Saturday, 22nd March - normal Saturday services.

bullet Easter Sunday, 23rd March - normal Sunday service on Stagecoach, Cavalier, First X1 and Whippet 1A. Delaine will not be running. Local Link - normal 404, no service 410.

bullet Easter Monday, 24th March - Sunday services on all routes.


New Health Link service

bullet A new door-to-door Health Link service was launched on January 8, using a new low-floor wheelchair accessible vehicle. The service picks up residents from their homes and takes them to Peterborough District Hospital or Edith Cavell Hospital, returning them home after their consultation or treatment.

bullet The service runs on Tuesdays and Thurdays (the two main clinic days) and serves all urban areas of the city. Fares are £2.10 for single trips and £3.50 for return journeys. Concessionary bus passes are not accepted. For bookings and enquiries, telephone the integrated passenger transport unit on (01733) 317460 or email


First Excel X1

bullet Minor changes to Excel X1 (Peterborough - Wisbech - Kings Lynn - Norwich - Great Yarmouth - Lowestoft) were made from January 6. However, on checking the timetable I discovered an earlier change in May 2007 had been overlooked, and on Mondays to Fridays services start about an hour earlier than previously shown.

bullet Also, through journeys beyond Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft continue later in the day, and the hourly Sunday service also continues to Lowestoft, though I can't imagine too many people making the four hour 10 minute through journey. All relevant pages have now been updated.


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