Route News 2009

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough in 2009 (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

Sunday X1 to King's Lynn and beyond

bullet Late news from December 13th is that the Sunday service now starts one hour later on Sunday mornings. On Sunday evenings the 1748 from Lowestoft now terminates at Kings Lynn so there is no 2050 from Kings Lynn to Peterborough, nor 2210 from Peterborough Station to Kings Lynn (but there is still a bus one hour later in both directions).

02/01/10, updated 04/01/10

Christmas and New Year alterations

bullet Full details of the changes will be found in Peterborough City Council's Christmas alterations leaflet (pdf file).


Christmas Park and Ride reprieved

bullet Despite the earlier announcement that there would be no Park and Ride service this Christmas, the Council has decided to fund the service after all. It will run on Saturdays and Sundays from Saturday November 14th until Sunday December 20th from both the Lynch Wood and Perkins sites. The buses and drivers will be provided by Stagecoach on Saturdays and Veolia on Sundays. Once again the service will be free this year. If usage is poor (as it was last year) then it is unlikely to run again next year.


Stagecoach X4, 24 and 46 - minor changes from Sept 1st

bullet The X4 journey from Oundle to Peterborough at 0838 will be withdrawn. This journey, only introduced recently, was the only one on this route to be operated by Stagecoach in Peterborough.

bullet The 1555 departure from Queensgate (1550 from Kings School) will run 5 minutes later throughout.

bullet The 1615 Peterborough to Huntingdon and 1735 Huntingdon to Peterborough journeys will operate 10 minutes later throughout.


Delaine 201 to Stamford - minor retimings from Sept 1st

bullet From September 1st the 1715 Stamford to Peterborough (route 201) will be retimed to 1710, and the 1800 Peterborough to Stamford will leave 10 minutes earlier at 1750.


Delaine early-morning and evening cutbacks from Sept 1st

bullet Some of the changes that Delaine made on June 1st have not proved successful and the early Mon-Fri route 101 journeys introduced at that time will be withdrawn from September 1st; these are the 0600 Bourne - Peterborough and 0645 Peterborough - Bourne. The 1830 from Bourne and 1930 from Peterborough revert to Thursdays only and take route 101. The 1930 from Bourne is retimed to 1915. The hourly Sunday service is retained.


Open Topper on Oundle routes on Saturday August 15th

bullet A rare outing of the 1960s open top Bristol FLF in public service will happen this Saturday, August 15th (weather permitting). Thanks to "bigredbus" for the following information: the anticlockwise service (23) will depart from Peterborough's Queensgate Bus Station (Bay 15) at 0950 and operate to Oundle (arrive 1105) travelling through the villages of Stibbington, Wansford including Nene Valley Railway, Yarwell, Nassington, Apethorpe, Kings Cliffe, Woodnewton, Fotheringhay, Tansor and Cotterstock, returning to Peterborough on service 24 at 1108, arriving there at 1147.

bullet The afternoon clockwise circle (service 24) departs Peterborough (Bay 15) at 1240 to Oundle Market Place (Stop A), continuing immediately at 1320 as service 23 to Peterborough Queensgate via Kings Cliffe, Nene Valley Railway etc. Arrival back in Peterborough will be at 1435.

bulletNormal fares will apply - the £5.00 Dayrider Plus gives all day travel (the Family Dayrider Plus is valid for 1 adult and up to 2 under 16s for £5.50). Concessionary pass holders travel free.


Major changes to Stagecoach services from August 2nd

bullet Most of the changes relate to country services:

bullet Route 23: Peterborough - Kings Cliffe - Oundle. Journeys are retimed and now serve Lynch Wood, but by-pass Castor and Ailsworth. There are some shortworkings to and from Lynch Wood (via Thorpe Road) replacing journeys formerly numbered 24A.

bullet Route 24: Peterborough - Oundle - Thrapston. Service 24A to Orton Northgate and Southgate is withdrawn, but route 24 serves Orton Waterville (Church Drive) in partial replacement. There are some shortworkings to Lynch Wood (via Oundle Road) numbered 24, replacing journeys previously numbered 24A.

bullet Route 25: Peterborough - Lutton - Oundle. The 1450 from Peterborough is withdrawn, leaving one journey in each direction.

bullet Route 31: Peterborough - Whittlesey - Ramsey. There are significant retimings, and there is an additional afternoon journey plugging the current two-hour gap from Peterborough. Connections at Ramsey with route 30 have been improved (these will now leave Ramsey towards Huntingdon at half past the hour). Route 31 will be the only one to serve Oakdale Avenue.

bullet Route 32: Peterborough - Whittlesey - Chatteris. The through journeys to Chatteris introduced last summer (every two hours) are cut back to just two journeys each way. Most journeys on this route now run between Peterborough and Whittlesey, and combine with routes 31 and 33 to give a bus every 20 minutes (compared to every 15 minutes previously). Route 32 will no longer serve Oakdale Avenue (now served only by the 31). Journeys between Benwick and March are now part of new route 34.

bullet Route 33: Peterborough - Whittlesey - March. The Peterborough - Coates shortworkings are withdrawn, leaving an hourly Peterborough - March service. The route in March is changed and now serves County Road, the railway station, Estover Road and Creek Road on the way to and from the Fountain. Beyond the Fountain, an additional section of route is added after Cavalry Drive, serving Burrowmoor Road, Ellingham Avenue and Gaul Road (previously served two-hourly by the March - Ramsey service, route 32, and not so long ago by Cavalier's town service numbered 357). The Sunday service Peterborough - March continues, but is retimed.

bullet Route 34: March - Benwick / Manea. Outside our area, but included here for completeness, this new route replaces part of the current 35 between Manea and March, and part of existing route 32 between Benwick and March.

bullet Route 35: Peterborough - Crowland - Sutton St Edmund. This Saturday route is withdrawn, replaced in part by journeys on new route 38.

bullet Route 36: Peterborough - Guyhirn - Wisbech. Journeys are retimed, and one journey each way diverts via Murrow. On Saturdays, only one journey each way extends beyond Thorney to and from Wisbech.

bullet Route 37: Peterborough - Crowland - Spalding. There is a new 1405 from Peterborough, plugging the two-hour gap. The Saturday service is increased to hourly, and is now similar to the Monday to Friday service.

bullet Route 38: Peterborough - Throckenholt - Shepeau Stow / Wisbech. On Wednesdays, this is basically route 390 renumbered, with extra journey time (now via Eye). On Tuesdays and Fridays it is a new route from Shepeau Stow, Whaplode Drove, Holbeach Drove, Gedney Hill and Sutton St Edmund to Peterborough, with one journey each way, replacing Saturday route 35.

bullet citi 1: There are some minor timing changes around the Werrington loop to avoid buses waiting for time at Werrington Green.

bullet citi 5: There are some changes to evening departures from Queensgate bus station, which now leave at quarter past the hour.

bullet citi 7: One early morning journey into Peterborough now starts from Thorney (at 0628), whilst an evening journey (1754 from Queensgate) extends to Thorney in partial replacement of a journey on route 36.


Summer weekend Skegness service

bullet Stagecoach will once again be running popular service X12 to Skegness this summer, on Saturdays and Sundays from July 25th to August 30th, also on Bank Holiday Monday August 31st. Departure from Peterborough (Bay 16) will be at 0945, arriving Boston at 1105 and Skegness at 1140. The bus will also pick up at Market Deeping Market Place (1005) and Spalding Bus Station (1035). The return journey will leave Skegness at 1730 and Boston at 1800, arriving back in Peterborough at 1910.

bullet Adult and child fares are held the same as last year and there is a reduction in the family fare. Adults are £10 return, children £7, and the family fare (up to 4 people, no more than 2 adults) is £21. Pay the driver on the day. Please note that senior citizens are unable to use their free passes on this service (except between Peterborough and Boston, as the service has been registered as a local bus service rather than excursion between these points).

07/07/09, updated 13/07/09

Delaine early morning, evening and Sunday improvements from June 1

bullet Early morning - there is a new Monday to Friday journey on service 101 at 0600 from Bourne to Queensgate arriving 0640, and at 0645 from Queensgate to Bourne. The 0725 journey from Bourne to Peterborough is retimed to 0730 (Mon-Sat).

bullet Evenings - There will be a new Monday to Saturday journey at 1830 from Bourne to Queensgate (service 102) replacing the existing Thursday journey on route 101, and the 1900 journey from Bourne is retimed to 1930. From Peterborough the 1930 now runs on Mondays to Saturdays, not just on Thursdays as at present, and is now route 101, i.e. not via Deeping St James.

bullet Sundays - the present service of four journeys each way will be increased to hourly, leaving Bourne 0900 - 1600 and Peterborough 1000 - 1700. Journeys at 1000, 1200, 1400 and 1600 from both ends are route 101, all others are route 102.

23/05/09, revised 31/05/09

Dayrider Increase

bullet From Sunday March 29th the price of the Stagecoach Dayrider ticket will increase from £3.00 to £3.30.


National Express - late journey to/from London withdrawn

bullet The new National Express timetable came into effect on March 2nd and there are very few changes affecting Peterborough. However, the additional Friday and Sunday journey to London at 1645 and the return journey at 2030 have been withdrawn. Fewer of the London trips now call at Marble Arch, and the Mablethorpe journeys now omit the Market Deeping stop in high summer, July 19th to Sept. 12th, to assist timekeeping.


Chatteris amended and Wimblington added

bullet It has only just come to my attention (thanks Gemma) that Stagecoach route 32 to Chatteris was rerouted to include Wimblington from January 4th, adding 5 minutes to the journey time to Chatteris (buses to Peterborough leave Chatteris 5 minutes earlier). The Chatteris page has been updated and a new page has been added for Wimblington.


Crowland and Spalding - new evening and Sunday journeys

bullet From February 15th there will be new evening and Sunday journeys on Stagecoach service 37, funded by Lincolnshire County Council. The 2015 from Peterborough to Crowland will be extended to Spalding and there will be new 2115 Spalding - Peterborough and 2215 Peterborough - Spalding journeys, replacing the 2047 Crowland - Peterborough journey. The Sunday service will consist of the following: 0905, 1105, 1405 and 1605 Spalding - Peterborough and 1005, 1305, 1505 and 1705 Peterborough - Spalding.


Megarider Price Increase

bullet From January 4th, the price of Stagecoach's weekly Megarider ticket was increased at short notice from £10 to £11. The monthly version has increased from £38 to £42. Megarider Plus prices are unchanged, as are Dayrider and Dayrider Plus prices.


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