Route News 2010

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough in 2010 (latest items first). £

Christmas and New Year Alterations

bullet Friday December 24 - Stagecoach will run a normal Friday service with last buses around 2000 hrs (see below for list of last buses). Delaine 101/102 has normal service until 1700, then 1730 and 1800 to Bourne; last journey Bourne - Peterborough at 1700. Delaine 201 has last bus Stamford to Peterborough at 1600, Peterborough to Stamford at 1715. First Excel X1 Last bus towards Peterborough will be 1950 from King's Lynn; last X1 from Peterborough rail station will be the 2110 (the 1910 and 2010 will run only to King's Lynn). Local Link (Peterborough City Council), Kimes, Judds and Veolia will run a normal service.

bullet Saturday December 25 - NO SERVICE.

bullet Sunday December 26 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run a journey to London at 1005, returning at 1730.

bullet Monday December 27 - SUNDAY service on all routes. Delaine will run Sunday service but with additional journeys (route 101) Bourne to Peterborough at 0800 and Peterborough to Bourne at 1800.

bullet Tuesday December 28 - SUNDAY service on all routes (but SATURDAY service on First Excel X1). Delaine will run Sunday service but with additional journeys (route 101) Bourne to Peterborough at 0800 and Peterborough to Bourne at 1800.

bullet Wednesday December 29 and Thursday December 30 - Stagecoach will run a SATURDAY service, except that citi 7 will operate a normal Monday to Friday service. Normal Monday to Friday service on Delaine, First Excel, Local Link, Judds, Kimes and Veolia. Newborough Coaches (Shaws) will not run their Wednesday trip.

bullet Friday December 31 - Stagecoach will run a SATURDAY service, except that citi 7 will operate a normal Monday to Friday service. Stagecoach buses will finish about 2000 hrs (last journeys are listed below). Delaine 101/102 has normal Friday service until 1700, then 1730 and 1800 to Bourne; last journey Bourne to Peterborough at 1700. Delaine 201 has last bus Stamford to Peterborough at 1600, Peterborough to Stamford at 1715. First Excel X1 Last bus towards Peterborough will be 1950 from King's Lynn; last X1 from Peterborough rail station will be the 2110 (the 1910 and 2010 will run only to King's Lynn). Local Link (Peterborough City Council), Kimes, Judds and Veolia will run a normal service.

bullet Saturday January 1 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run a journey to London at 1035, returning at 1700.

bullet Sunday January 2 - SUNDAY service on all routes.

bullet Monday January 3 - SUNDAY service on all routes.

bullet Tuesday January 4 - Normal service resumes.

Last Stagecoach buses on December 24 and 31
Last journeys will be as follows (from city centre unless otherwise shown):
citi 1 - 2015 to Orton, 2015 to Werrington
citi 2 - 2015 to Paston, 2030 to Bretton
citi 3 - 2015 to Bretton, 2015 to Yaxley
citi 4 - 2030 to Welland, 2041 Welland to city centre
citi 5 - 2015 to Dogsthorpe, 2028 Dogsthorpe to city centre
citi 6 - 1950 to Hampton, 2007 Hampton to city centre
route 33 - 1920 Whittlesey to Peterborough, 2020 Peterborough to March
route X4 - 1930 and 2030 Peterborough to Northampton will terminate at Kettering

28/11/10, updated 21/12/10

Late night shopping - additional Delaine journeys

bullet Delaine Buses are running extra evening journeys on Mondays to Fridays from November 29th until December 23rd, in connection with late night shopping at Queensgate, which will be open until 2100 hrs. Buses leave Bourne at 1830 and 1915, whilst additional journeys from Peterborough to Bourne will run at 1830, 1930, 2015 and 2115. These journeys are all route 101, except the 1830 and 2015 from Peterborough which take route 102 via Deeping St James.


Minor change to Stagecoach 24

bullet From November 1, the 0724 journey from Oundle Rockingham Hills will start from Thrapston, no longer serving the section between Rockingham Hills and Oundle Market Place. The last journey to Thrapston (1650 from Peterborough) will terminate at Titchmarsh, no longer returning to Oundle. These changes are in connection with the service being transferred from Stagecoach in Peterborough to Stagecoach in Northampton (along with services 23 and 25).


New Citi 7 to City Hospital

bullet The new Peterborough City Hospital on the site of Edith Cavell Hospital at Bretton will start taking patients from November. To supplement existing Citi 2 via South Bretton and Citi 3 via North Bretton (also Local Link 406), Stagecoach will run an additional bus every 20 minutes on Mondays to Fridays, being an extension of Citi 7, the Yaxley to Queensgate route. The extension will also divert to serve the new City Care Centre on Thorpe Road (adjacent to the old District Hospital), which includes the walk-in centre as well as several outpatient departments.

bullet Departures from Queensgate Bay 1 (Mondays to Fridays only) will be every 20 minutes from 0635 to 1935. Departures from Peterborough City Hospital to Queensgate will be every 20 minutes from 0700 to 2000. The journey is scheduled to take just 15 minutes.


Christmas Park and Ride

bullet The Park and Ride service will operate from the Lynch Wood and Perkins sites on Saturdays October 23rd to December 18th and on Sundays November 14th to December 19th. Fares will be £1 per person or £2.50 for a family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 children), on production of a travel coupon issued at the car park. The Saturday service will be operated by Stagecoach, whilst Veolia will run the Sunday buses. Once again the Diligenca car park will be used at Lynch Wood, whilst the Perkins car park is located adjacent to Sainsburys at Newark.

bulletService PR1 leaves Lynch Wood on Saturdays every 12 minutes from 0905 to 1653, returning from Queensgate (Bay 18) every 12 minutes from 0924 to 1700. The Sunday service (from November 14th) will also run every 12 minutes, leaving Lynch Wood 1005 to 1641, and Queensgate from 1024 to 1700.

bulletThose using the Perkins car park can use Citi 6 as well as the dedicated Park and Ride service, giving six buses an hour on Saturdays. Service PR2 itself leaves the Perkins car park every 20 minutes from 0846 to 1706, returning from Queensgate (Bay 16) every 20 minutes from 0855 to 1715. The Sunday service (from November 14th) runs every 12 minutes, leaving Perkins 1000 to 1648, and Queensgate from 1013 to 1701.

18/09/10, updated 24/10/10

Stagecoach Oundle FLF Farewell - Oct. 23rd

bullet Stagecoach services 23 and 24 between Peterborough, Oundle and Thrapston, currently operated by Stagecoach In Peterborough, will pass to Stagecoach in Northampton on 24th October, including the outstation at Oundle. To mark the last day of operation by Stagecoach in Peterborough, closed top Bristol FLF 19953 (JAH553D) will be used as a duplicate on Saturday 23rd October on the following services: 0950 Peterborough to Oundle (service 23), 1220 Oundle to Thrapston and 1245 Thrapston to Oundle (service 24) and 1320 Oundle to Peterborough (service 23). Between 1100 and 1200 the FLF will be parked up outside Oundle depot.

bullet All day travel on the FLF and on all Stagecoach services in Cambridgeshire are available with the Dayrider Plus ticket for just £5.40, which allows travel throughout Cambridgeshire or travel from Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Royston, Newmarket, Saffron Walden, Spalding, St. Neots, Oundle, Thrapston or Wisbech. Dayrider Plus tickets can be bought on the bus.


Summer weekend Skegness service

bullet Stagecoach will once again be running popular service X12 to Skegness this summer, on Saturdays and Sundays from July 24th to August 29th, also on Bank Holiday Monday August 30th. Departure from Peterborough (Bay 16) will be at 0945, arriving Boston at 1105 and Skegness at 1135. The bus will also pick up at Market Deeping Market Place (1005) and Spalding Bus Station (1035). The return journey will leave Skegness at 1730 and Boston at 1800, arriving back in Peterborough at 1910.

bullet Fares are held the same as last year. Adults are £10 return, children £7, and the family fare (up to 4 people, no more than 2 adults) is £21. Pay the driver on the day. Please note that senior citizens are unable to use their free passes on this service.


Major Stagecoach changes from May 30th

bullet From May 30th, Stagecoach citi 7 will no longer run to Parnwell or Eye but will continue to run between Queensgate and Yaxley in exactly the same timings as previously.

bullet Citi 6 will be extended from Queensgate via Sainsburys to Parnwell, replacing citi 7 at the same frequency. Timings are slightly different to before, and the last journey from Queensgate is around 30 minutes later.

bullet Citi 6 runs to and from Hampton at the same times during the day, but some early morning journeys are retimed (plus an evening journey). There is an earlier journey from Hampton on Saturdays, but on Mondays to Fridays the last journey to serve the railway station is a little earlier (0715 from Hampton Hargate).

bullet There will be a major change to the routeing of Citi 5 in Dogsthorpe. It will run in both directions via Sycamore Avenue, Central Avenue shops, Chestnut Avenue, Western Avenue and Eastern Avenue, then looping via Lavender Crescent, Bluebell Avenue and Welland Road Post Office to return via Eastern Avenue, Western Avenue, Chestnut/Central/Sycamore Avenues as per the outward route. This will restore a frequent service to the Bluebell Estate which was lost in the August 2008 changes, albeit with a completely different routeing. The timetable is slightly changed, and the service will start a few minutes earlier on Saturday mornings. On Mondays to Fridays, the first journey from Dogsthorpe (0644) will extend to the railway station after Queensgate.

bullet On Citi 4 the one journey which diverts via the railway station (0708 from Queensgate) will no longer do so, this journey being retimed to 0710 as per the standard pattern.

bullet On route 23 the 1805 from Peterborough to Kings Cliffe and Oundle is retimed to 1735. There are also some changes to the Monday to Friday Lynch Wood journeys, one of which now starts back at the Nene Valley Railway Station near Wansford at 1644.

bullet On route 24, the 1600 to Thrapston is retimed to 1650 (the 1600 goes to Rockingham Hills instead). This journey returns from Thrapston at 1755 but only goes to Oundle, which means the last Thrapston - Peterborough journey is at 1445. The last 24 from Peterborough is 10 minutes later at 1750, which now goes to Southwick (replacing the 1640).

bullet Routes 36 and 37 are diverted to serve Newark Sainsbury's, with additional journeys to Thorney on route 36 giving an hourly service for much of the day (half-hourly to Eye combined with route 37). This compensates for the withdrawal of citi 7 to Eye. The one journey from Wisbech leaves 10 minutes earlier at 0700, and the afternoon Peterborough to Wisbech journey leaves at 1745 instead of 1605.

bullet There are minor changes to route 37 including the retiming of the 1735 Peterborough to Crowland journey to 1715. The 1605 from Spalding no longer serves the schools and is therefore retimed to 1615.


Local Link changes from May 16th

bullet A major package of changes to Peterborough City Council's Local Link services 401 to 413 will be introduced from May 16th, following a well publicised and somewhat controversial review of services. Details are as follows City Council website):

bullet Local Link 401: The schoolday journeys Thornhaugh to Peterborough and back are unchanged. The Sunday service to Stamford via Marholm and Barnack now also serves Helpston and there is an additional journey via Werrington Parkway, Helpston, Barnack and Uffington. The 401 and 404 combined now give five journeys on Sundays between Peterborough and Stamford instead of four.

bullet Local Link 402: This Monday to Friday service to Stamford via Castor, Southorpe, Barnack and Uffington is withdrawn and replaced by the Call Connect dial-a-bus service.

bullet Local Link 403: This Monday to Saturday service operated by Veolia to Marholm, Ufford, Barnack, Bainton, Helpston, Maxey and Etton is also replaced by the Call Connect dial-a-bus service or by Local Link service 413.

bullet Local Link 404: The Monday to Saturday service to Stamford via Castor, Wansford and Wittering (with certain journeys serving Duddington and Collyweston) is also withdrawn, once again replaced by the Call Connect dial-a-bus service. The Sunday service remains (see also under 401) and has a revised timetable.

bullet Local Link 406: the Werrington - Gunthorpe - Paston - Queensgate - Ravensthorpe - Bretton service loses some early and late journeys but is experimentally increased to half-hourly until around 1445. Ravensthorpe loses the 0715 from Queensgate and all evening journeys - the last bus is now 1745. The 1715 to Paston is also withdrawn but the 1641 is extended to Werrington. There are also other early-evening changes.

bullet Local Link 407: The evening service Orton Northgate - Hampton Serpentine Green is withdrawn. Last journeys are 1658 from Orton and 1715 from Hampton.

bullet Local Link 408: the Queensgate - Walton - Bretton service has a revised timetable in the afternoons with the 1543 and 1643 journeys from Queensgate withdrawn, whilst the 1508 from Bretton terminates at the Voyager School, only continuing to Queensgate on Saturdays and school holidays. There are some timing changes to the afternoon journeys from Voyager School. The Coningsby Road journeys are unchanged (the Council is still misspelling this road on the timetables, and incredibly it appears with an extra "n" on the destination blinds!).

bullet Local Link 410 and 411: these complex routes serving the east and north of the city are cut back considerably. Newborough loses its Sunday and evening journeys, as does the Showcase Cinema. Eye is no longer served, and therefore loses its late-evening service (last bus now route 37 at 2015). The Newborough journeys now mostly run via Parnwell (Keys Park), and all the journeys to Welland and Dogsthorpe (Lavender Crescent) are withdrawn. Werrington Centre is no longer served by route 411, this number now being used by a single journey each way: the 0753 from Peakirk (formerly 0729 from Etton) and the 1605 to Peakirk, both via Kings School. The 1725 to Maxey is renumbered 410 (previously 411).

bullet Local Link 413: this service via Werrington to Peakirk, Glinton and Maxey is extended to Helpston, with one journey each way also serving Bainton and Barnack. It is also diverted via Edith Cavell Hospital and Bretton Centre instead of New England, giving a useful link between Edith Cavell/Bretton Centre and Werrington, as well as the villages (some of which had a link to Edith Cavell through service 403 via Marholm). The timetable is completely revised, with an enhanced two-hourly frequency off-peak. This service continues to be operated by Veolia on behalf of Peterborough City Council.

bullet Kimes 9: There is also a small change to this service: the 0720 from Stamford to Peterborough, continuing to Kings School, will run 5 minutes earlier throughout.


New Call Connect service from April 6th

bullet This new dial-a-ride minibus service operated by Peterborough City Council in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council will run in response to prebooked requests, and will be available to people in areas not covered by frequent bus services (for example it might be used for a journey from Ufford to Queensgate). Passengers must first become a member through a simple phone call. Journeys must be booked at least one hour in advance, and concessionary bus passes will be valid. The service will operate between 7am and 7pm. Further details are available on the City Council website, including a list of the villages served.


Stagecoach routes 24 and 37 from April 6th

bullet An additional journey will be introduced from Tuesday April 6th on route 24, leaving Lynch Wood at 0858 and arriving at Queensgate at 0917. The normal route (including Church Drive in Orton Waterville) is followed.

bullet Following a cut in funding from Lincolnshire Country Council, the recently introduced evening journeys on Stagecoach service 37 Peterborough to Spalding are being withdrawn from April 6th. The 2115 from Spalding and 2215 from Peterborough will no longer run, and the 2015 from Peterborough will run only as far as Crowland.


Easter Bus Services

bullet A Sunday service will run on Good Friday (April 2nd) and Easter Monday (April 4th).


Stagecoach rural changes from February 14th, 2010

bullet Route 31 Peterborough - Ramsey is unchanged except that the 0640 journey from Peterborough will no longer run on Saturdays.

bullet Peterborough - Whittlesey journeys on route 32 will be renumbered 33. There will only be one Peterborough - Chatteris journey each way via Benwick. However, the 0740 Chatteris - Whittlesey journey will be replaced by starting the 0715 March - Peterborough journey (route 33) at Chatteris, leaving there at 0655. Similarly the 1800 Peterborough - March journey will be extended to Chatteris, replacing the 1740 journey on route 32.

bullet Apart from the above, service 33 Peterborough - March is unchanged on Mondays to Saturdays, but there is a revised Sunday service with seven journeys each way instead of six.

bullet Service 36 will be revised, with five journeys each way between Peterborough and Thorney on Mondays to Saturdays, only one of which extends to and from Wisbech.

bullet The Shepeau Stow - Holbeach Drove - Peterborough section of route 38 (Tuesdays and Fridays) will be withdrawn without replacement; this was introduced only last August, replacing the Saturday service 35. The Wednesday journey from Wisbech to Peterborough via Parson Drove and Murrow will no longer be a Stagecoach operation, but it will revert to W & M Travel, using its former route number 390. W & M operated the route until April 2007, when it was taken over by Cavalier Travel and subsequently passed to Stagecoach, so this is very much a case of deja vu!

bullet Route 46 Peterborough - Huntingdon has a substantially revised timetable with most journeys extended to Hinchingbrooke Hospital. It will be operated from depots at both ends of the route, meaning an end to the very early 0545 journey from Peterborough, no doubt to the relief of the drivers! The first southbound journey on Saturdays will be much later at 0920 - previously there were journeys at 0615, 0735 and 0845!. In the evenings there is a later journey from Peterborough to Huntingdon at 1950, but unfortunately the last journey from Huntingdon is now 1830. Evening journeys will no longer divert via Hampton Vale.

bullet A further change (but from January 11th) affects the stop at Reeves Way (adjacent Hill Close) served by Citi 4. This stop will be taken out of use; an alternative stop is available at Eastfield Road, near Hill Close.

04/01/10, updated 06/02/10

Changes to Rail Fares from January 2nd, 2010

bullet Although this website majors on bus services, I continue to maintain a useful document detailing Rail Fares to London, and this has been updated with the changes which came into effect today. Most fares, including season tickets, are unchanged. However, please note the following:

bullet First Capital Connect (FCC) has introduced a cheaper ticket to London valid on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, giving amazing value. The Super off-peak Day Return to Kings Cross is only £18.00 (£11.90 with railcard) and the Super off-peak Day Travelcard version, giving travel throughout London zones 1 to 6, is only £22.00 (£14.50 with railcard).

bullet On the negative side, First Capital Connect has withdrawn its Family Travelcard ticket which allowed children to travel for £2.00 each.

bullet Another significant change is that the Anytime Day Travelcard (both the FCC and any operator versions) now has a discount available for railcard holders. This means that the FCC off-peak Day Travelcard PLUS (which had a morning restriction but allowed a railcard discount) is no longer required and has been scrapped. This change may have happened during the year.

bullet The Off-peak Period Return (any operator) has increased to £62.50 (this was £57.20 in January 2009).

bullet The FCC Anytime Return is £45, which is unchanged. However, there is no longer a cheaper FCC Anytime Day Return in standard class (actually shown as £47 on the internet, but there would be no reason to buy this ticket). This change happened during the year, but in January 2009 there was an FCC Anytime Day Return for £37 I believe.

bullet A couple of fares have actually reduced slightly, due to their being linked with the Retail Price Index. They are the Super off-peak single and the Super off-peak return, both reduced by 20p. These are heavily restricted in the morning and evening peaks, as shown in the document.

bullet The peak restriction on First Capital Connect's off-peak period return has been made more restrictive (at least compared to a year ago when I last updated the document). First train from Peterborough is now 0944 (previously 0915) and the evening restriction is 1700-1830 (previously 1730-1830). The FCC off-peak day return is unchanged (first train 0845, no return between 1630 and 1901).

bullet The Weekender ticket (any operator), which allows travel to London on a Friday (returning Sat, Sun or Mon) or on a Saturday (returning Sun, Mon or Tues) has been increased to £51.00 (this was £44.50 a year ago).

bullet East Coast Advance Purchase Single tickets, valid only on the specified train, are available on the internet priced from £10.50 to £39.50 standard class, £23.60 to £40.50 first class.