Route News 2011

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough in 2011 (latest items first). £

Free Christmas Park and Ride

bullet The Park and Ride service will operate from the Lynch Wood and Perkins sites on Saturdays October 29th to December 24th and on Sundays November 13th to December 18th. This year the service is free. The Saturday service is operated by Stagecoach, whilst Veolia runs the Sunday buses. Once again the Diligenca car park will be used at Lynch Wood, whilst the Perkins car park is located adjacent to Sainsburys at Newark.

bulletService PR1 leaves Lynch Wood on Saturdays every 12 minutes from 0905 to 1653, returning from Queensgate (Bay 18) every 12 minutes from 0924 to 1700. The Sunday service (from November 13th) will also run every 12 minutes, leaving Lynch Wood 1005 to 1641, and Queensgate from 1024 to 1700.

bulletThose using the Perkins car park can use Citi 8 (on production of a voucher) as well as the dedicated Park and Ride service, giving six buses an hour on Saturdays. Service PR2 itself leaves the Perkins car park every 20 minutes from 0848 to 1708, returning from Queensgate (Bay 16) every 20 minutes from 0905 to 1713. The buses pick up from Midgate one minute later. The Sunday service (from November 13th) runs every 12 minutes, leaving Perkins 1000 to 1648, and Queensgate (Bay 16) from 1013 to 1701.


New comprehensive printed timetable for Peterborough and Cambridgeshire

bullet A new timetable publishing venture has been launched by Here To There Publishing, starting with a book for Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, available either in printed form or as a download. Here is the full text of the information I have received from them:

bullet The first printed comprehensive timetable to cover the whole of Cambridgeshire has been compiled and launched by Here To There Publishing Ltd. This is the first title from the new printing house, which will specialise in "transport reference publications" - or, in other words, printing timetables to cover areas where the local authority does not produce something comprehensive. This book contains details of all bus services across Cambridgeshire. This also includes the Peterborough area, which is now a unitary authority, but it is included in this book. In addition, I've included details of all bus services around Saffron Walden and Chishill (Essex), plus Barley, Buntingford, Puckeridge, Reed, Royston and Standon (Hertfordshire) to give you a large area bordering the current Cambridgeshire County to work with. I've also enclosed connecting services at Ware, Hertford, Letchworth, Baldock, etc. to/from Stevenage, Lister Hospital, Harlow, Heathrow Airport, Luton, Hatfield, and more besides. Also enclosed is the 505 (Kings Lynn - Long Sutton - Spalding) corridor. The book includes a large introduction, including indexes, ticketing details, concessionary pass acceptance, advance booking requirements, and a large number of timetables. This book does include a number of additional services like shoppers buses, community buses, and more, to give the complete picture of bus services in the area.

bullet The book was published on Friday 1st September 2011, and went on sale on Saturday 10th September 2011. Subsequently one unadvertised service change for later this month slipped under the radar. Do not fear though, as online updates will advise of this, together with any further changes registered during the book's period of validity. (Updates can be downloaded online, or sent free of charge for an SAE).

bullet A printed copy (740 printed A4 pages, with full colour covers) costs £22.00 plus £2.99 for first class postage and packaging. For those who would like something more digital, an eBook version is £7.50. An online preview is available free of charge. To order a digital or printed copy online, visit To order a printed copy by post, send a cheque (£22.00 plus £2.99 each copy for postage), payable to Here To There Publishing Ltd, and sent to: Book Orders, Here To There Publishing, 15 Titchmarsh Close, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 5DD.

bullet Additional books are being planned for the National Express coach network, plus another two to cover the rest of Hertfordshire and Luton borough. Full details of the book range can be found in the catalogue. This can be had free of charge online at or send a C5 SAE for a printed copy, free of charge, to Catalogues, then as per the company address above.


Summer weekend Skegness service

bullet Stagecoach will once again be running popular service X12 to Skegness this summer, on Saturdays and Sundays from July 23rd to August 28th, also on Bank Holiday Monday August 29th. Departure from Peterborough (Bay 16) will be at 0945, arriving Boston at 1105 and Skegness at 1140. The bus will also pick up at Market Deeping Market Place (1005) and Spalding Bus Station (1035). The return journey will leave Skegness at 1730 and Boston at 1800, arriving back in Peterborough at 1910.

bullet The adults fare is £10 return, children £7, and the family fare (up to 4 people, no more than 2 adults) is £22. Pay the driver on the day. Please note that senior citizens are unable to use their free passes on this service.


National Express coaches - changes from May 16th

bullet Peterborough - London: There is an additional journey to London at 0845, which starts from King's Lynn (service 446, replacing the King's Lynn - London service via Cambridge). The 0745 and 1000 journeys from Peterborough to London are retimed to 0735 (0750 on Sats and Suns) and 1015 respectively. The 0735 now calls at Huntingdon.

bullet London - Peterborough: The 1630 and 1830 departures from London are retimed to 1600 and 1900, and there is a new journey at 1730 (service 446 to King's Lynn via Peterborough). The 1900 journey now calls at Huntingdon, but no longer continues beyond Peterborough to Stamford. In replacement, the 1600 from London calls additionally at Stamford en route to Lincoln.

bullet Other National Express services through Peterborough are unchanged, except that the extra Summer Saturday journey on service 308 which ran between Norwich and Birmingham will not run this summer.


Further minor changes from May 8th

bullet Two further changes have come to light. There is an extra Peterborough to Lynch Wood journey at 0640 on Mondays to Fridays numbered 23 via Thorpe Road (this is the only journey to carry route number 23 following the withdrawal of the Kings Cliffe service). Secondly, the 0835 Peterborough to Thorney is retimed to 0845 (route 36), returning at 0910 instead of 0905.


Northamptonshire changes from May 8th

bullet Stagecoach's Oundle area routes 23 Peterborough - Kings Cliffe and 25 Peterborough - Lutton - Oundle will be withdrawn from May 8th. Route 24 will also have a new timetable. Rockingham Hills will have an improved service, but Glapthorn and Southwick will no longer be served. Journeys to Thrapston will travel via Aldwincle and Islip in both directions, meaning that Barnwell, Thorpe Waterville and Titchmarsh will lose their Peterborough service.


Stagecoach Fares Increase

bullet From today, April 17th, Stagecoach fares have been revised. The Dayrider increases 10p to £3.50, the Dayrider Plus increases by 20p to £5.40, and the Family Dayrider by 30p to £6.00.

bullet The new price for the weekly Megarider is £12, up from £11.50, whilst the Megarider Plus goes up by a pound to £21.50.

bullet There has also been a small increase in the Dayrider Gold, valid on most Stagecoach services in Southern England. The adult version has gone up 20p to £7.20 whilst the child/senior version is now £5.50 (up 25p). The Family/Group ticket goes up 50p to £10.50.


Further April changes

bullet Whippet 1A, the Sunday service between Peterborough and Huntingdon, will be withdrawn from April 17th.

bullet Fowler's service 138, operating on Wednesdays between Fleet Hargate and Peterborough via Holbeach, will be withdrawn from April 27th.

bullet With the withdrawal of route 22, Stagecoach will run two schoolday journeys to Arthur Mellows Village College at Glinton. A journey showing route number 37 will run from Peterborough at 0805 and new service 38 will run from Eye.

bullet Late news is that West Hunts routes 405 and 407 will continue, but with another operator, Whippet. Each route operates on two Wednesdays each month, linking villages west of Huntingdon with Peterborough.

03/04/11, updated 17/04/11

Changes to Peterborough City Services from April 17th

bullet From April 17th there will be a new citi 8 service to Cardea, a new development near the Stanground by-pass. This will run every 20 minutes via London Road, Fletton High Street and Stanground Corner, doubling the service along Fletton High Street to every 10 minutes. The service will continue beyond Queensgate to Parnwell, replacing the northern part of citi 6 in slightly revised timings.

bullet Citi 4 to Eastfield and Newark has a reissued timetable but is basically unchanged.

bullet Citi 5 to Dogsthorpe has a revised timetable with a slightly earlier start on Mondays to Fridays.

bullet Citi 6 will run between Queensgate and Hampton (losing its Parnwell section to citi 8) with a slightly revised timetable.

bullet Citi 7 also has a revised timetable with some changes to early morning journeys on Mondays to Fridays on the Yaxley section.

bullet On route 24 the 1820 Peterborough to Lynch Wood and 1833 Lynch Wood to Peterborough (Mondays to Fridays) will run 10 minutes later.


Huntingdon, West Hunts and Wisbech changes from April 17th

bullet Stagecoach route 46 Peterborough - Huntingdon will have a revised timetable. The extension beyond Huntingdon Bus Station to Hinchingbrooke Hospital will be withdrawn, and the evening service will be cut back. The last journey Peterborough - Huntingdon will be at 1810, with a final journey at 1910 to Sawtry.

bullet The West-Hunts group of rural routes will be withdrawn, including the market day services 405 and 407 linking the villages to the west of Huntingdon with Peterborough. Note - these services have been reprieved and will be run by Whippet.

bullet The one remaining Wisbech journey on route 36 will be withdrawn (0700 from Wisbech and 1745 from Peterborough, via Guyhirn village and Wisbech St Mary). Timings between Peterborough and Thorney are unchanged.


Whittlesey, March and Ramsey changes from April 17th

bullet From April 17th there will be important changes to Stagecoach services 31, 32 and 33, resulting in a reduction in frequency between Peterborough and Whittlesey. Buses will now run evey 30 minutes off-peak instead of every 20, leaving Peterborough at 10 and 40 minutes past each hour and Whittlesey on the hour and half hour. Victory Avenue in Whittlesey will be served hourly. The evening journeys to Whittlesey will be withdrawn: last bus from Peterborough will now be at 1840.

bullet Route 31 Peterborough - Ramsey will continue hourly as now but with a revised timetable. Most journeys from Peterborough will run 10 minutes earlier at 10 minutes past the hour.

bullet Route 32 Peterborough - Chatteris (latterly consisting of two journeys each way) will be withdrawn. However, one journey each way on route 33 will be extended beyond March to and from Chatteris.

bullet Route 33 Peterborough - March will be dramatically reduced east of Whittlesey, with only six journeys each way to March (four on Saturdays) instead of hourly. On Sundays there will be one journey each way to March (hourly to Whittlesey).


Deeping and Bourne changes from April 3rd and April 17th

bullet From April 3rd Delaine will withdraw its late Friday and Saturday journeys, namely the 2100 Bourne to Peterborough and 2145 Peterborough to Bourne (both route 101).

bullet From April 17th Stagecoach will withdraw its hourly service 22 Peterborough to Deeping St James altogether.

bullet However, from the same date Delaine will be increasing its services to compensate. The direct Bourne to Peterborough service 101 will run every 30 minutes. For most of the day route 102 will now run between Deeping St James and Peterborough, with an hourly service. Together the two routes will provide three buses an hour between the Deepings and Peterborough. The last Monday to Saturday buses from Peterborough will be at 1830, 1915 and 2015, all to Bourne via Deeping St James.

bullet The northbound route 102 will operate a slightly revised route within the Deepings to serve Godsey Lane Tesco.

23/02/11, revised 07/03/11

Changes to Rail Fares from January 3rd, 2011

bullet Although this website majors on bus services, I continue to maintain a useful document detailing Rail Fares from Peterborough to London, and this has been updated with the changes which came into effect today.

bullet Off-peak return fares have generally increased by a couple of pounds, though the lead-in walk on fare of £18 to Kings Cross valid at weekends and bank holidays with FCC appears to be unchanged (the Travelcard version has gone up from £22 to £24).

bullet Peak fares have increased more, with the FCC Anytime Return going up £3 to £48 (the Travelcard version has gone up from £50 to £55). The Anytime Return valid on any operator has gone up from £87 to £94, whilst the Travelcard version including tubes and buses has broken the £100 barrier, increasing from £93.20 to £100.50.

bullet Advance single fares start even lower than before with standard class starting at £7.10 and first class at £20.05 for online bookings.