Route News 2013

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough in 2013 (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

New X4 timetable

bullet Oh dear, I've just discovered that Stagecoach X4 has a new timetable from December 9th, with earlier departures from Peterborough on Mondays to Saturdays. Buses now leave Queensgate for Oundle, Corby, Kettering and Northampton at 0652, 0735, 0855, hourly until 1555, then 1710, 1820, 1920, 2022. Most departures towards Peterborough are also earlier. This is a temporary situation until March 7th, and is due to reconstruction of a railway bridge in Kettering with consequent diversions. You can find the new timetable by Clicking on Routes. Other pages will be updated early next week.


Christmas and New Year Alterations

bullet Tuesday December 24 - Stagecoach services will finish early (see below for list of last buses). Delaine 101/102 has a SATURDAY service until 1630, then 1700, 1715, 1730 to Bourne; last journey Bourne - Peterborough at 1630. Delaine 201 has last bus Stamford to Peterborough at 1600, Peterborough to Stamford at 1715. First Excel normal Monday to Friday service on X1 with early finish (last buses from Peterborough are 1820 to Great Yarmouth, 1920 and 2020 to Kings Lynn only. Last bus to Peterborough is 1901 from Kings Lynn). Centrebus (Kimes) will run a normal Monday to Friday service. Judds will finish early with last buses to Whittlesey at 1600 and 1630; last bus Whittlesey - Peterborough at 1545.

bullet Wednesday December 25 - NO SERVICE.

bullet Thursday December 26 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run four journeys to and from London.

bullet Friday December 27 - Stagecoach and Delaine will run a SATURDAY service. First Excel X1 and Centrebus (Kimes) have a normal Monday to Friday service. Note that Judds 701 will NOT be operating at all today. Not related to the buses, but there will be no rail services to or from Peterborough station today due to engineering work (putting in the trackwork etc for the new platforms).

bullet Saturday December 28 - Stagecoach, Delaine, First Excel, Centrebus (Kimes) and Judds will run a normal Saturday service.

bullet Sunday December 29 - Normal Sunday service.

bullet Monday December 30 - Stagecoach and Delaine will run a SATURDAY service. First Excel X1, Centrebus (Kimes) and Judds have a normal Monday to Friday service.

bullet Tuesday December 31 - Stagecoach will run a SATURDAY service with last buses around 2000 hrs (see below for list of last buses). Delaine 101/102 has a SATURDAY service until 1630, then 1700, 1715, 1730 to Bourne; last journey Bourne - Peterborough at 1630. Delaine 201 has last bus Stamford to Peterborough at 1600, Peterborough to Stamford at 1715. First Excel normal Monday to Friday service on X1 with early finish (last buses from Peterborough are 1820 to Great Yarmouth, 1920 and 2020 to Kings Lynn only. Last bus to Peterborough is 1901 from Kings Lynn). Centrebus (Kimes) will run a normal Monday to Friday service. Judds will finish early with last buses to Whittlesey at 1600 and 1630; last bus Whittlesey - Peterborough at 1545.

bullet Wednesday January 1 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run one journey to London at 1250, returning at 1630.

bullet Thursday January 2 - Normal service resumes.

Last Stagecoach buses on December 24 and 31
Last journeys will be as follows:
citi 1 - 2015 City Centre to Orton, 2012 City Centre to Werrington, 2035 Werrington to Millfield
citi 2 - 2030 City Centre to Paston, 2007 City Centre to City Hospital
citi 3 - 2015 City Centre to City Hospital, 1945 City Centre to Park Farm
citi 4 - 2007 City Centre to Parnwell, 2023 Parnwell to City Centre
citi 5 - 2041 City Centre to Dogsthorpe, 1954 Dogsthorpe to City Centre, 2015 City Centre to Yaxley, 1934 Yaxley to City Centre
citi 6 - 1945 City Centre to Hampton, 2002 Hampton to City Centre
route X4 - 1925 and 2032 Peterborough to Northampton will terminate at Kettering
route B - 1920 and 2020 Peterborough to Cambridge will terminate at Huntingdon


New Centrebus (former Kimes) timetable from December 2nd

bullet Centrebus will be changing the timetable for Peterborough - Stamford - Oakham service 9 from Monday December 2nd, and linking it with service 19 Oakham - Melton Mowbray - Nottingham. Most journeys affecting Peterborough are unchanged, except for the following: the 1715 Oakham - Peterborough journey will terminate at Stamford, so there will no longer be a 1745 journey from Stamford to Peterborough (last bus now at 1645). The 1435 from Stamford to Peterborough is retimed to 1445 on Schooldays (and passengers from Oakham will have to change at Stamford). On Mondays to Fridays the 0715 from Stamford to Peterborough will start back at Oakham at 0645, and similarly the 1740 Peterborough to Stamford will extend to Oakham (in fact these journeys run beyond Oakham from and to Melton Mowbray). A link to the new timetable will be found on the Advance Timings page.

bullet Service 19 Oakham to Nottingham is also operated by Centrebus and buses from Peterborough will now run through to Nottingham. The route number will change at Oakham but passengers can stay on the bus and through fares are available. The first bus from Peterborough is at 0730 (Mondays to Fridays) reaching Nottingham at 1031. Sadly a full day in Nottingham is not possible as the last journey back to Peterborough leaves at 1435.

bullet This is not the first time that Peterborough has had a through service to Nottingham. Following its purchase of the Cream Bus Service (W H Patch) of Stamford in 1961, Barton ran Peterborough - Stamford via Barnack (route 1, later 101) and via Wansford (route 3, later 103). In January 1965 Barton introduced twice-daily route 17 (later 117) Peterborough - Stamford - Melton Mowbray - Nottingham with departures from Peterborough at 0845 and 1645. By the early-1980s there were four or five through journeys each way, and even a late one back from Nottingham at 2030, arriving Peterborough at 2252, allowing 10 hours in Nottingham if one left Peterborough on the first bus at 0805. Following deregulation of bus services in October 1986 Barton began to struggle and closed its Stamford depot in April 1988, at which point the through Peterborough - Nottingham service ceased. Peterborough to Stamford routes were then run commercially by Delaine (via Barnack) and Blands of Cottesmore and Kimes (via Wansford). Leicester City Bus also had a slice of the cake for a time (running from Leicester), whilst other operators such as Cambus and Cavalier Minicoaches filled in on County Council tendered journeys. Before long Kimes inherited the Blands routes, and Kimes was eventually taken over by Centrebus in 2011. Meanwhile the former Barton route from Nottingham to Oakham was now being operated by Paul James, which became part of Veolia for a time, but was also purchased by Centrebus in 2011. Hence with both services now under one roof so to speak, the stage is set for a through Peterborough - Nottingham service once again. I think I got a bit carried away with the history there. Phew!


New Diamond Coaches route 246

bullet From Saturday November 23rd Diamond Coaches of Rushden will be introducing a second route into Peterborough, numbered 246. It will run twice monthly from Milton Ernest, via Bedford, St Neots, Buckden, Brampton and Huntingdon, operating on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. A link to the full timetable is on the Routes page.


New Destination Pages

bullet Two new destination pages have been added to this site: Chaucer Road (New England) and Oakdale Avenue (Stanground), showing the new timings from October 1st.


Revised timings on Excel X1

bullet From September 29th Excel X1 Peterborough - Kings Lynn - Norwich - Great Yarmouth - Lowestoft has a new timetable with significant changes. Some journeys leave earlier, and there is a reduced evening service. The last journeys from Peterborough to Thorney, Wisbech and Kings Lynn are at 2115 and 2315, with a two hour gap (2105 and 2310 on Sundays). Relevant pages have been updated.

bullet Along with the new timetable comes a fleet of brand new double-deck buses with leather seats, extra legroom and free WiFi. One of the launch events for the new buses will be in Peterborough - on Thursday 17th October in long Causeway between 1400 and 1600, when there will be a chance to see one of the buses and talk to First Bus staff.


Withdrawal of LocalLink services

bullet The entire network of LocalLink bus services is due to be withdrawn, with the last day of operation being Monday September 30th. Three new Stagecoach services (funded by the City Council) will be introduced in partial replacement from the following day, Tuesday October 1st. Centrebus service 413 to Maxey and Helpston will finish on September 30th as well, and not Saturday 28th as previously stated.

bullet The LocalLink network to be withdrawn consists of routes 401, 404, 406, 407, 408, 410, 411 and 413, all operated on behalf of the City Council by Enterprise Peterborough (413 is operated by Centrebus). In detail, these routes are 401 Thornhaugh/Stamford - Barnack - Peterborough (Schooldays and Sundays), 404 Peterborough - Wansford - Wittering - Stamford (Sundays), 406 Werrington - Paston - City Centre - Ravensthorpe - City Hospital - Bretton (Mon-Sat), 407 City Centre - Stanground - Hampton - Orton - Orton Northgate (Mon-Sat), 408 City Centre - New England - Walton - North Bretton - Bretton (Mon-Sat), 410/1 Peterborough - Fengate - Newborough (Mon-Sat), and 413 Peterborough - Glinton - Maxey - Helpston (Mon-Sat).

bullet The three new Stagecoach services to be introduced from October 1st are as follows. All operate on Mondays to Saturdays:

bullet 20 City Centre - Stanground (North Street) - Lawson Avenue - Oakdale Avenue - Hampton Serpentine Green - Orton Malbourne - Orton Northgate. 3 journeys throughout plus a further 3 between Serpentine Green and Orton Northgate.

bullet 21 City Centre - Fengate - Showcase Cinema (outward only) - Vicarage Farm Road - Newark Sainsbury's, returning via Padholme Road and Fengate rather than Showcase Cinema. 6 journeys, 2 of which extend to Panwell (Keys Park) - these 2 journeys return via Newark Avenue, Garten End (The Elm Tree) and Dogsthorpe Road instead of Vicarage Farm Road and Fengate.

bullet 22 City Centre - Chaucer Road - Werrington Green - Twelvetrees Avenue - Werrington Centre - Bridgehill Road - Newborough - Peakirk - Glinton - Etton - Maxey. 5 journeys. One early morning journey starts from Ashton, and the last two afternoon journeys extend there.

bullet The background to the changes is a Peterborough City Council cabinet meeting on 1st July 2013 where there was agreement that passenger transport services would change. A number of consultant's reports were considered and the following resolutions were made (reproduced from the City Council website): bulletContinue to fund the existing Demand Responsive Transport services at current levels of subsidy of £180,000 and to increase the investment in Demand Responsive Transport Services; bulletInvest £220,000 in expanding the Demand Responsive Transport service available to Peterborough residents; bulletReduce the Voluntary Partnership Agreement funding with Stagecoach to £200,000; bulletInvest any savings below the £220,000 budgeted for the Demand Responsive Transport service into additional evening services provided within the Voluntary Partnership Agreement; bulletDiscontinue all the funding for Local Link services; bulletDiscontinue all the funding to some daytime services on the Kimes 9 service; bulletDiscontinue all funding to some daytime services on Stagecoach route 24; bulletDiscontinue all funding to Sunday services on Stagecoach 37; bulletDiscontinue all funding for the Luxecabs 342 service (Whittlesey to Thorney). Further details of the decisions can be found here.

16/09/13, updated 29/09/13

Delaine - additional morning peak journey

bullet From Monday September 2nd an additional journey from Morton and Bourne to Peterborough will run on Delaine service 101 on Mondays to Fridays. It will leave Morton at 0700 and Bourne Bus Station at 0710. The existing 0630 and 0700 journeys from Bourne will run 10 minutes earlier throughout, leaving Bourne at 0620 and 0650 respectively. The 0650 journey, which is route 102 via Deeping St James, also runs on Saturdays.

bullet There is also an additional 101 journey in the other direction, albeit on Schooldays only. It leaves Peterborough at 0745 and runs as far as South Road in Bourne to serve the schools. These are reached at 0817, the same time as the 0730 journey which takes the longer route 102 via Deeping St James.

bullet On Delaine service 201 the 0745 Stamford to Peterborough journey will run 5 minutes earlier throughout from Stamford Bus Station onwards. This journey extends to Burghley Road (for King's School) on schooldays.


Longthorpe - temporary service

bullet From Monday September 2nd for approximately four months, Citi 2 will be diverted between the city centre and South Bretton to avoid Longthorpe in both directions, due to bridge repair work on Longthorpe Bridge, which takes Thorpe Road over Nene Parkway just by the Police Headquarters at Thorpe Wood. The diversion will take route 2 along Longthorpe Parkway instead of through Longthorpe village, continuing to Thorpe Wood past the Holiday Inn and The Woodman pub.

bullet In order to serve Longthorpe, a temporary shuttle service (also numbered 2) will operate between Queensgate and Longthorpe only, making an anti-clockwise loop around Longthorpe before returning immediately to Queensgate. It will leave Queensgate bay 1 every 20 minutes (every 30 minutes on Sundays) travelling along Thorpe Road and into Longthorpe as normal. At Longthorpe Green it will turn left into Holywell Way and will continue along the whole length of Holywell Way in order to rejoin Thorpe Road not far from Thorpe Wood. It will then run through Longthorpe Village and normal route back to Queensgate. Full timings can be found here.

bullet The work is provisionally expected to last until December 31st.


New Bay for Excel X1

bullet I understand that from August 7th First Excel X1 to King's Lynn and beyond now departs from Bay 10 instead of Bay 17.


Operator changes

bullet With the continuing integration of Kimes into its parent company Centrebus, I have taken the decision to change all references to Kimes on this site to read Centrebus. Some of the buses will continue to be branded Kimes for now, however.

bullet The City Council's Local Link services are in fact contracted out to Enterprise, Peterborough (apart from service 413 which is operated by Centrebus). I am aware that many of my pages are inconsistent in that they show the City Council as operator. Since the Local Link services are currently under review, I plan to leave this as it is for now, although I have changed the route list and departure bay document.


National Express changes (now includes Stansted Airport)

bullet National Express introduced a new timetable from July 22nd. The main feature affecting Peterborough is a new service 349, Nottingham - Leicester - Peterborough - Cambridge - Stansted Airport, which includes a daily 0200 journey from Peterborough, arriving Stansted at 0350 in time for the first flights of the day. There is also an 0030 from Stansted (arrive Peterborough 0215) for those arriving back on late flights. One journey also calls at Huntingdon. Service 350 from and to Liverpool also now serves Stansted Airport, giving four journeys each way between Peterborough and Stansted.

bullet All journeys on Liverpool route 350 now travel between Peterborough and Nottingham via Leicester (previously one each way went via Stamford and Grantham). With new service 349 (above) this gives four journeys each way to Nottingham via Leicester. The journey on 350 which extended beyond Cambridge to Clacton-on-Sea via Colchester now goes instead to Southend-on-Sea, via Stansted Airport and Chelmsford.

bullet Service 448 London - Peterborough - Grimsby has been extended to and from Hull. This probably happened in June when East Yorkshire Motor Services took over the National Express routes operated by Stagecoach's Peterborough depot. Curiously the new departure sheet at Queensgate still shows Grimsby as the destination. I am grateful to Bryan McCarthy for this news, as the National Express online journey planner fails to show the final destination of each coach (a defect in my opinion), and I would therefore not have spotted it.

bullet The coach timings on this website have been rewritten into tabular format (as a pdf file), as some destinations now have more than one route. Hopefully readers will find this an improvement. I am grateful to Philip Slynn for sending a photo of the new departure sheet at the bus station.

04/08/13 updated 09/08/13

Excel X1 changes

bullet Excel X1 to Wisbech, King's Lynn, Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft has a slightly revised timetable from May 28th (thanks to John Abbott for alerting me to this), and all pages have now been updated. The route has changed in Peterborough - previously it served Queensgate then terminated at the rail station, returning via Queensgate en route to Wisbech and beyond. The route now terminates at Queensgate, but serves the rail station on its outbound journey only. Departure times from Queensgate are therefore a few minutes earlier. This also means that the use of the rail station as a bus terminus has ceased, apart from rail replacement services and a handful of X4 journeys. The X1 still appears on the train departure board (advertised as a coach service to Dereham) and also on railway journey planners on the internet, and rail tickets are still valid.


Summer weekend Skegness service

bullet Stagecoach is once again running the popular service X12 to Skegness this summer, on Saturdays and Sundays from July 27th to August 25th. Departure from Peterborough (Bay 20) is at 0945, arriving Boston at 1105 and Skegness at 1140. The bus will also pick up at Market Deeping Market Place (1005) and Spalding Bus Station (1035). The return journey will leave Skegness at 1730 and Boston at 1800, arriving back in Peterborough at 1910.

bullet Adult fare is html11 return, children and OAP passholders html7.35, family fare (up to 4 people, no more than 2 adults) html24. Pay the driver on the bus.


Queensgate Travel Centre

bullet Opening hours of the Travelchoice office at Queengate bus station have changed from July 24th. They are now 9.30am to 5.00pm on Mondays to Fridays, and on Saturdays 9.30am to 12.30 and 1.30 to 4.30pm. The office has timetables for all local services and also sells coach tickets.


National Express changes

bullet National Express seems to have gone away from its annual timetable change in March, but a new timetable was recently introduced, presumably from May 13th as that is the date on the timetable poster at Queensgate. The main change is that the 448 Grimsby - Peterborough - London and 449 Mablethorpe - Peterborough - London services have swapped their time slots with each other, in both directions. The upshot of this is that the coach from Mablethorpe runs around 1 hour 40 minutes earlier, whereas the Grimsby to London service runs 90 minutes later. In fact from Peterborough to London it runs two hours later, as the refreshment stop at Peterborough is extended from 20 minutes to 50 minutes, in line with the northbound service. From London, the Grimsby service is retimed two hours earlier (1200 from London), whereas the Mablethorpe departure is 90 minutes later at 1330.

bullet Peterborough to London passengers won't notice the difference as, although the coaches now come from different places, the departure times from Peterborough to London are similar to before. The same goes for London to Peterborough, except that the previous 1400 (to Grimsby) is replaced by a trip at 1330 (to Mablethorpe).

bullet It appears that service 350 Cambridge/Clacton - Peterborough - Manchester - Liverpool is due for withdrawal, but sources differ on the date. The poster at Queensgate suggests that the service runs until June 9th (although the Peterborough to Clacton section has no such warning). The National Express online journey planner (at the time of writing) shows journeys to Liverpool continuing until July 14th, whereas Peterborough to Clacton is shown up to June 30th. Further details are awaited!


Citi 6 on Sunday evenings

bullet Stagecoach has reissued the timetable for Citi 6 from May 5th. The only change is that Serpentine Green is no longer served on Sunday evenings, apparently reflecting a situation that has been going on for some time, since the shopping centre is gated off on Sunday evenings (the only time of the week that the shops are all shut).


Citi 2 and 3 Sunday revisions

bullet From Sunday April 21st Sunday journeys on Stagecoach Citi 2 and 3 will be revised to give extra running time. Sunday evening journeys are unchanged. Destination pages on this website have been updated.


Stagecoach Fares Increase

bullet From Sunday March 31st, most Stagecoach fares will increase, except for Megarider Xtra and Megarider Xtra Plus which will remain unchanged. Prices of day and weekly tickets will be as follows: Dayrider £3.90, Megarider (7 days) £13, Megarider 4 week £50, Megarider 13 week £160, Dayrider Plus £6, Megarider Plus (7 days) £23.50, Megarider Plus 4 week £90, Megarider Plus 13 week £275, Family Dayrider Plus £6.80, Family Dayrider Gold £11.50.

bullet The East Dayrider Gold will be £13, East Family Dayrider Gold £24, East Dayrider Gold (Concession) £9.50.


Easter Bus Services

bullet Stagecoach and First Excel will be running a Sunday service on Good Friday (March 29th) and Easter Sunday (April 1st). However, an exception to this is routes 23, 24 and X4 which will have a Saturday service on Good Friday (they are operated by a different subsidiary of Stagecoach), but the 0950 & 1250 service 23 from Peterborough Queensgate to Orton Waterville returning at 1000 & 1300 will not operate on Good Friday.

bullet Delaine are running a special service on route 101 on Good Friday, departing Bourne at 0740, 0900, 0930 then at 00 & 30 past each hour until 1700, returning from Peterborough 1000, 1030 then at 00 & 30 past each hour until 1800. As it's their special Heritage Leyland Day, journeys leaving on the half-hour (0930-1530 from Bourne, 1030-1630 from Peterborough) are operated by heritage vehicles. There is no service on route 102, whilst 201 has a Saturday service (from 0842). Delaine will not be running at all on Easter Sunday.

bullet Kimes will not run on Good Friday, although Centrebus service 47 (Uppingham) will run. No service on Easter Sunday.


Major changes to Peterborough Citi services (also Ramsey) from February 10th, 2013

bullet From February 10th there will be a major overhaul to Stagecoach's Peterborough Citi network. There will be new timetables, and several routes are reorganised with new routeings and/or destinations. Some routes feature increased running time and extra loading time at Queensgate to increase reliability.

bullet Citi 1 keeps its existing Werrington - Queensgate - Orton route but gets extra running time between Werrington and Peterborough, also at Queensgate.

bullet Citi 2 Paston - Gunthorpe - Queensgate - South Bretton - City Hospital retains its 10 minute frequency but has timing changes, particularly in the evenings. Frequency early on Saturday mornings (before about 0800) is reduced to 20 minutes. The biggest change, though, is in the route taken from town to Longthorpe, which reverts to the direct routeing along Thorpe Road. The deviation via Mayors Walk, Audley Gate and Harewood Gardens (introduced in April 2004) is therefore withdrawn, but replaced by a new extension of Citi 4 to the Hospital (see below), although Harewood Gardens will no longer be served. Citi 2 journeys will continue to change to Citi 3 in Bretton, continuing to North Bretton as before, although officially I believe the change will now take place at the City Hospital rather than Bretton Centre.

bullet Citi 3 City Hospital - North Bretton - Westwood - Queensgate - Park Farm: like Citi 2 there are timetable changes, particularly in the evenings. Evening departures from Queensgate to Park Farm will now be at 45 minutes past the hour instead of 15, and no longer continue to Yaxley (replaced by Citi 5). Note that Queensgate to Stanground Corner gains a half-hourly evening service in this direction as the Yaxley buses (now Citi 5) will still leave at 15 minutes past the hour. Saturday morning departures on Citi 3 before around 0800 reduce to every 20 minutes.

bullet Citi 4 is significantly changed in its routeing. Currently Welland - Saxon Road - Queensgate, it will now start from Parnwell Centre (replacing Citi 8), and will join its existing route at Hill Close, continuing as before via Saxon Road (Welland is now served by Citi 5). Frequency is reduced from every 10 minutes to every 20. Having reached Queensgate, Citi 4 is extended daily (not late evenings) through to City Hospital via Audley Gate and Atherstone Avenue. This therefore replaces Citi 2 for journeys to Mayors Walk and Audley Gate (and restores a service along Atherstone Avenue), and as regards Queensgate to the City Hospital replaces route 25 via the City Care Centre (introduced only a year earlier), and also replaces the Monday to Friday extension of Citi 7 to the Hospital direct via Westfield Road. Citi 7 had been the fastest route from the city centre to the hospital taking 10 minutes, but the new Citi 4 takes slightly longer at 13 minutes; the new route also runs on Sundays (hourly) unlike the current 7 and 25. Parnwell also gains a Sunday service since the Citi 8 (which it replaces on this section) did not run on Sundays. Note that journeys from the City Care Centre in Thorpe Road to the City Hospital should now be made by rerouted Citi 2, albeit the long way round via Thorpe Road, Thorpe Wood and South Bretton.

bullet Citi 5 is also massively changed, and will now have two different destinations at each end of the route, so it will be important to check the destination shown on the bus. The route currently runs every 10 minutes from Dogsthorpe (Lavender Cresent) to Queensgate, but alternate journeys will now start from Welland (Belvoir Way) instead, replacing Citi 4. Both Lavender Cresent and Welland Estate will therefore have a 20 minute frequency, but the core part of the route from Dogsthorpe (Central Avenue) to the city centre will continue to run every 10 minutes. Beyond Queensgate, Citi 5 is newly extended to both Yaxley (replacing Citi 7) and Cardea (replacing Citi 8), with journeys alternating between the two destinations, both of which retain their existing 20 minute frequency. Cardea, as now, is not served on Sundays or in the evenings. Since Yaxley route 5 and Park Farm route 3 will both have separate evening services, the evening frequency to Stanground is doubled, although towards Queensgate the buses inevitably run a few minutes apart due to the different lengths of route.

bullet Citi 6 to Hampton will have minor timing changes on evenings and Sundays, with departures 5 minutes earlier than before.

bullet Citi 7, Citi 8 and 25 are withdrawn. As shown above Citi 7 is replaced by Citi 5 between Queensgate and Yaxley, whereas the extension to City Hospital is replaced by Citi 4, albeit via Audley Gate rather than Westfield Road. Citi 8 is replaced by Citi 4 for journeys from Parnwell to the city, travelling via Saxon Road rather than Eastfield Road (already served by Citi 5). The 25 is not directly replaced but the revamped Citi 4 runs to the City Hospital via Audley Gate, and Citi 2 now passes the City Care Centre en route for the Hospital via Thorpe Wood.

bullet Route 31 Peterborough to Ramsey reverts to having journeys via both directions of the loop. In other words, alternate journeys approach Ramsey via Bury instead of all journeys travelling to Ramsey via Ramsey Mereside and returning via Bury.

bullet Route 36 will run via Eye Road instead of Oxney Road and Parnwell Way in order to traverse the section of Eye Road which will no longer be served by Welland Citi 4 (Welland now being approached from Dogsthorpe Central Avenue by Citi 5, instead of via Eye Road). I must admit, I had not realised the 36 was currently serving Oxney Road and Parnwell Way. Perhaps I should get away from the computer and have a trip out!

The Advance page has links to the new timetables in pdf format on the Stagecoach website. You will need to scroll down for the new timings as these pdfs also include the existing timings valid to February 9th.


Rail Fares to London from January 2nd, 2013

bullet The list of rail fares to London has been updated and the menu now points to the 2013 version valid from January 2nd. The 2012 version has been moved to the archive.

bullet Certain fares have been held for 2013. These include the cheapest fares to London which are valid at weekends only on First Capital Connect trains (html18 return, or html24 including tubes and buses). Also held is the html99 Anytime return valid at any time on any operator. The cheapest ticket for return travel to Kings Cross during peak hours is the First Capital Connect Anytime return, now html53 up from html50.50. Off peak day returns are now html26 for FCC or html31 for any operator. Full details of time restrictions etc are shown in the pdf file.