Route News 2016

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough in 2016 (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

Cit 1 Orton Wistow times

bullet Stagecoach Citi 1 has a revised timetable from January 1st and the full timetable can be found on the Routes page. The only times that vary from the previous timetable are those from Orton Wistow. The new timings from the Orton Wistow Ferryview stop can be found on the relevant destination page, where Monday to Friday times have changed, and on Saturdays and Sundays all journeys leave Ferryview 2 minutes earlier.


Christmas and New Year Alterations

bullet CHRISTMAS EVE Saturday December 24 - Stagecoach, Delaine and First Excel X1 will run a Saturday service with EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses). Centrebus will run a normal Saturday service.

bullet CHRISTMAS DAY Sunday December 25 - NO SERVICE.

bullet BOXING DAY Monday December 26 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run four journeys to and from London.

bullet Tuesday December 27 (Bank Holiday) - Stagecoach and Delaine will run a SUNDAY service. First Excel X1 has a normal Monday to Friday service. No service on Centrebus.

bullet Wednesday December 28, Thursday December 29, Friday December 30 - Stagecoach and Delaine will run a SATURDAY service (normal Monday to Friday service on Delaine 203 Bourne - Deepings - Stamford). First Excel X1 and Centrebus will run a normal Monday to Friday service.

bullet NEW YEAR'S EVE Saturday December 31 - Stagecoach, Delaine and First Excel X1 will run a Saturday service with EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses). Centrebus will run a normal Saturday service.

bullet NEW YEAR'S DAY Sunday January 1 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run one journey to London at 1320, returning at 1700.

bullet Monday January 2 (Bank Holiday) - Stagecoach and Delaine will run a SUNDAY service. First Excel X1 has a normal Monday to Friday service. No service on Centrebus.

bullet Tuesday January 3 - Normal service resumes.


Early finish on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

bullet Stagecoach last journeys:
citi 1 Orton - 1939 Orton to City Centre, 2015 City Centre to Orton.
citi 1 Werrington - 1934 Werrington to City Centre, 2015 City Centre to Werrington, 2034 Werrington to Millfield.
citi 2 Paston - 1941 Paston to City Centre, 2030 City Centre to Paston.
citi 2 Hospital - 2007 City Centre to City Hospital, 2040 City Hospital to City Centre.
citi 3 Park Farm -1945 City Centre to Park Farm , 1957 Park Farm to City Centre.
citi 4 Parnwell - 2007 City Centre to Parnwell, 2023 Parnwell to City Centre.
citi 4 Hospital - 1943 City Centre to Hospital, 1957 Hospital to City Centre.
citi 5 Dogsthorpe - 1954 Dogsthorpe to City Centre, 2041 City Centre to Dogsthorpe.
citi 5 Yaxley - 1934 Yaxley to City Centre, 2015 City Centre to Yaxley.
citi 5 Welland - 1928 Welland to City Centre, 2011 City Centre to Welland.
citi 5 Cardea - 1945 City Centre to Cardea, 2018 Cardea to City Centre.
citi 6 Hampton - 1945 City Centre to Hampton, 2002 Hampton to City Centre.
route 62 1955 City Centre to Maxey, 1852 Maxey to City Centre.
route X4 - 1940 and 2047 Peterborough to Northampton will terminate at Kettering.
route B - 1921 and 2021 Peterborough to Cambridge will terminate at Huntingdon.

bullet Delaine last journeys:
route 101/102 - 1630 Bourne to Peterborough; 1700, 1715, 1730 Peterborough to Bourne.
route 201 - 1545 Bourne to Peterborough (via Stamford), 1715 Peterborough to Bourne (via Stamford).

bullet First Excel last journeys:
X1 to Peterborough - 1655 Kings Lynn to Peterborough (1510 from Norwich).
X1 from Peterborough - 1515 will terminate at Dereham, 1545 and 1615 will terminate at Swaffham; 1645, 1715, 1750, 1830 will terminate at Kings Lynn; 1900, 1930, 2030, 2230 will not operate.


Delaine 201 and Centrebus 19

bullet Delaine's Peterborough - Stamford - Bourne service 201 has a slightly revised timetable from Monday December 5th, which can be found on the Routes page. However, journeys to or from Peterborough are not affected by the changes.

bullet Centrebus made some changes to its Peterborough - Oakham - Nottingham route 19 timetable from October 23rd. Relevant pages were updated last month but since it has not previously been mentioned here on the news page I am including it now for the historical record. All journeys are now numbered 19, since the school journey previously numbered 19A now runs as part of the regular schedule.


Stagecoach changes from Monday October 3rd.

bullet There are minor timetable changes to citi 1 on Mondays to Fridays to improve reliability. Journeys in the Werrington - Queensgate - Orton direction are shifted by five minutes in the morning and evening peaks (with theoretically just a five minute gap at the beginning and end of these periods). There is no change to scheduled timings in the Orton - Queensgate - Werrington direction, neither are there any changes on Saturdays or Sundays.

bullet Note that there is now a very early journey on Mondays to Saturdays at 0513 from Werrington Centre to Queensgate on route 62 (see below), before citi 1 even starts up. Not sure that I'll be trying that one out!

bullet Route 20 to Stanground, Oakdale Avenue and Orton Northgate is renumbered to 60 with minor timetable changes. The early journey from Queensgate (at 0849) is withdrawn but there is a new more useful journey at 1735.

bullet Route 21 to Fengate, Showcase Cinema and Newark Sainsbury's is renumbered to 61, except that journeys via Garten End Road to Key's Park are now numbered 63. There are major improvements to the timetable which include additional early morning and evening journeys, useful for both Fengate and the Showcase Cinema. In fact the number of journeys on this route has doubled from six to twelve. Furthermore, journeys back from the cinema now operate direct taking just 15 minutes instead of taking the long way round via Sainsbury's. At last an evening out to the cinema is now do-able by bus.

bullet Route 22 to Chaucer Road, Newborough, Peakirk and Maxey is renumbered to 62 with a revised timetable, including new evening journeys (including 2315 Queensgate to Maxey!). There is also a change to the routeing: between Paston Church and the Fulbridge Road/Gunthorpe Road junction, buses now head along Hallfields Lane, turning left into Gunthorpe Road to return to Fulbridge Road. This means that the western end of Gunthorpe Road once again has a bus service. It does mean that the stop near Hadley Road on Fulbridge Road is no longer served (alternative stops are located near Fane Road or in Gunthorpe Road, or passengers can use route 1 from Arundel Road).


Centrebus 9 renumbered 19

bullet In December 2013 Centrebus linked Peterborough - Stamford - Oakham service 9 with its Oakham - Nottingham service 19 to provide through journeys, but still kept the two routes numbers. From August 28th this will be rectified and the service will now be numbered 19 throughout. There will be no change to the timetable.

bulletThe school journeys numbered 9A will now be numbered 19A.


Monthly services 405 and 407 withdrawn

bullet The two services which linked the villages west of Huntingdon (such as Spaldwick and Kimbolton) with Peterborough have been withdrawn. These were route 405 which ran on the second Wednesday of the month and route 407 on the fourth Wednesday of each month. They commenced from Huntingdon and were operated by Whippet on behalf of the County Council.


Services 23, 24, 33, 36 and 46 from July 24th

bullet From July 24th several Monday to Friday journeys between Peterborough and Lynch Wood on route 23 (those operated by Stagecoach East) will be retimed by up to 5 minutes earlier or later.

bullet On route 33 the 0805 journey will no longer serve Stanground College. The 1700 Peterborough to Thorney journey on route 36 will run 5 minutes earlier, whilst the 1525 journey on route 46 from Sawtry Green to Peterborough will run 15 minutes earlier throughout.

bullet Relevant pages on this website have been updated, with two versions for each page, one valid to July 23rd, the other from July 24th.


Summer weekend Skegness service

bullet Stagecoach is once again running the popular service X12 to Skegness this summer, on Saturdays and Sundays from July 23rd to August 28th, also on Bank Holiday Monday August 29th. Departure from Peterborough (Bay 20) is at 0945, arriving Boston at 1110 and Skegness at 1155. The bus will also pick up at Market Deeping Market Place (1005) and Spalding Bus Station (1035). The return journey will leave Skegness at 1730 and Boston at 1815, arriving back in Peterborough at 1930.

bullet Adult fare is £12.50 return, children (aged 5-15) and senior concessionary passholders £8.00 return, family fare (up to 4 people, no more than 2 adults) £28.00. Pay the driver on the bus. Concession passes and other tickets such as Dayrider or Megarider cannot be used.

10/07/16, updated 22/07/16

Rail Fares to London

bullet Virgin Trains East Coast has recently introduced a Super Off-Peak Day Return from Peterborough to King's Cross which is valid on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays only. It costs just £19.90, or with a Railcard discount it works out at only £13.15. This is just a little more than Great Northern's similar weekend ticket, though unlike Great Northern's offering the Virgin ticket does not appear to have a Travelcard option valid on London tubes and buses. Unusually the new ticket is valid only on Virgin East Coast Trains and therefore cannot be used on Great Northern services.

bullet I am grateful to correspondent Mark Edwards for advising me of the new ticket and this has been added to my list of Rail Fares to London.


Changes to X1 Excel from April 17th, 2016

bullet Sunday April 17th sees significant changes to the timetable of route X1 which runs from Peterborough to Norwich via Wisbech and Kings Lynn. The route is operated by First Eastern Counties, trading as First Norfolk & Suffolk, who use the Excel branding for this and their other limited-stop services.

bullet There are adjustments to the timetable throughout the day but the most significant changes affect early-morning and evening services. On Mondays to Saturdays the last buses leaving Peterborough for Kings Lynn are currently at 2140 and 2330 but these will be replaced by a single journey at 2230. The last bus from Norwich to Peterborough will now be one hour earlier at 1940.

bullet On Sundays the two final journeys of the day from Peterborough to Kings Lynn at 2120 and 2320 will be withdrawn, meaning that the last departure will now be at 2005. The last journey from Norwich to Peterborough on Sundays will be at 1700 and the two later journeys at 1820 and 2020 will no longer run through to Peterborough.


Stagecoach Day and Weekly Fares Frozen

bullet Stagecoach has made some changes to bus fares from April 3rd, although many fares have been frozen and remain unchanged. The Peterborough Dayrider remains at £4.10 and the weekly Megarider at £14.00, although the 50p discount for Smart card holders no longer applies. Similarly the on-bus price of the Cambridgeshire Dayrider Plus remains at £6.40, and the (weekly) Cambridgeshire Megarider Plus at £24.50, these fares also now applying to Smart card holders.

bullet There has, however, been an increase to the Peterborough 5 SmartDays ticket (5 Dayrider tickets loaded on the smartcard, either online or on-bus), which goes up from £15.50 to £16.00, whilst the Cambridgeshire 5 SmartDays Plus also increases by 50p to £28.

bullet Four-week tickets have all increased by £2 which makes the Peterborough 4 week Megarider £54 online or £56 when purchased from the Queensgate travel shop, whilst the Cambridgeshire 4 week Megarider is now £94 online, or £96 from the travel shop. The monthly Xtra tickets (payable by recurring direct debit) have also increased by £2, so the Peterborough Megarider Xtra is now £49.50 per month, and the Cambridgeshire Megarider Plus Xtra is £89.

bullet On-bus prices of the East Dayrider Gold and East Megarider Gold tickets are unchanged but the online 4 week Megarider Gold is now £120 and the direct debit Xtra version is £110.


Centrebus service 47

bullet A minor change from February 14th not previously reported is that this route from Oakham to Peterborough via Uppingham has been extended to start and finish at Whissendine. The route runs once-daily on Mondays to Fridays, leaving Whissendine at 0635 and arriving back at 1738. Timings between Oakham and Peterborough are unchanged.

bullet Since the bus has to come through Whissendine and Langham on its way from the depot at Saxby this is effectively just adding those places to the timetable instead of going through empty. Note that Langham and Whissendine are also served by the fivecounties route 9/19 Peterborough - Stamford - Oakham - Nottingham.


National Express service 350

bullet National Express service 350 which operates twice daily Liverpool - Peterborough - Stansted Airport (with one journey extended to and from Southend) has been retimed from January 15 and no longer calls at Huntingdon. Departures for Liverpool are now a few minutes earlier at 0820 and 1325, and northbound coaches make an additional stop in Liverpool at John Moores University. The pdf file showing coach times from Peterborough has been updated.


Delaine 201 extended from January 18th, 2016

bullet Delaine's Peterborough - Helpston - Stamford route 201 is extended beyond Stamford to Bourne from January 18th, taking over the existing route 202. Ryhall, Essendine, Carlby, Witham and Toft therefore gain a through service to Peterborough. As the route runs close to Stamford Hospital and the College (also the nearby retail park) there are also some useful cross-town links in Stamford. The loop to and from the Arran Road area in Stamford is performed in the same anti-clockwise direction by buses bound for both Peterborough and Bourne. The route will run hourly throughout thereby doubling the frequency on the Stamford to Bourne section. The new timetable can be found in the Routes section of the website.

bullet Departures from Peterborough will be at the same times except that the 1750 will be retimed to 1805. The 1600 and 1710 departures from Stamford bus station to Peterborough will be retimed to 1620 and 1720 respectively.


Stagecoach 31, 33 and 36 from January 4th, 2016

bullet Service 31 - on Mondays to Fridays from January 4th the 1605, 1705 and 1805 departures from Peterborough will run 15 minutes later throughout, as will the return journeys from Ramsey at 1701, 1804 and 1901. Saturday times are not affected.

bullet Service 33 - on Mondays to Fridays from January 4th the 1535, 1635, 1735 and 1835 departures from Peterborough to Whittlesey and beyond will run 15 minutes later throughout, as will the 1702 journey from Whittlesey Victory Avenue to Peterborough. Saturday times are not affected.

bullet Service 36 will now serve Thorney Road in Eye in both directions. Buses in Thorney will no longer serve Sandpit Road and Park Crescent; the timetable has been reissued showing Thorney Wisbech Road as the terminus.