Route News 2017

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

Christmas and New Year Alterations

bullet CHRISTMAS EVE Sunday December 24 - Stagecoach and First Excel X1 will run a Sunday service with EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses). Delaine will run a normal Sunday service.

bullet CHRISTMAS DAY Monday December 25 - NO SERVICE. There will be no rail services.

bullet BOXING DAY Tuesday December 26 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run four journeys to and from London. There will be no rail services.

bullet Wednesday December 27, Thursday December 28, Friday December 29 - Stagecoach and Delaine will run a SATURDAY service (normal Monday to Friday service on Delaine 203 Bourne - Deepings - Stamford). First Excel X1 and Centrebus will run a normal Monday to Friday service.

bullet Saturday December 30 - normal Saturday service.

bullet NEW YEAR'S EVE Sunday December 31 - Stagecoach and First Excel X1 will run a Sunday service with EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses). Delaine will run a normal Sunday service.

bullet NEW YEAR'S DAY Monday January 1 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run one journey to London at 1045 returning at 1800.

bullet Tuesday January 2 - Normal service resumes.


Early finish on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

bullet Stagecoach last journeys:
citi 1 Orton - 1937 Orton to Queensgate, 2015 Queensgate to Orton.
citi 1 Werrington - 1934 Werrington to Queensgate and Orton, 2015 Queensgate to Werrington, 2034 Werrington to Millfield.
citi 2 Paston - 1941 Paston to Queensgate, 2030 Queensgate to Paston.
citi 2 North Bretton - 1937 Queensgate to North Bretton (also 2007 to Hospital only), 1926 North Bretton to Queensgate.
citi 3 Park Farm -1945 Queensgate to Park Farm , 1957 Park Farm to Queensgate.
citi 4 Parnwell - 2008 Queensgate to Parnwell, 2025 Parnwell to Queensgate.
citi 4 Hospital - normal Sunday service.
citi 5 Dogsthorpe - 1954 Dogsthorpe to Queensgate and Yaxley, 1941 Queensgate to Dogsthorpe.
citi 5 Yaxley - 1934 Yaxley to Queensgate and Welland, 2015 Queensgate to Yaxley.
citi 5 Welland - 1928 Welland to Queensgate and Cardea, 2011 Queensgate to Welland.
citi 5 Cardea - 1945 Queensgate to Cardea, 1918 Cardea to Queensgate.
citi 6 Hampton - 1945 Queensgate to Hampton, 2003 Hampton to Queensgate.
route X4 - 2004 Queensgate to Kettering (normal Sunday service).

bullet First Excel last journeys:
X1 to Peterborough - 1640 Kings Lynn to Peterborough (1500 from Norwich).
X1 from Peterborough - 1505 and 1605 will terminate at Swaffham; 1705 and 1805 will terminate at Kings Lynn; 1905 and 2005 will not operate.


Revised Sunday timings on citi routes 4 and 6

bullet From Sunday November 5th Stagecoach services 4 and 6 have revised timings on Sundays. Route 4 to the City Hospital will leave Queensgate five minutes earlier at 36 minutes past the hour, but returns from the hospital at 54 minutes past each hour as before. The Queensgate to Parnwell section of the route leaves Queensgate one minute later, and journeys from Parnwell to Queensgate are two minutes later. Monday to Saturday timings are unchanged.

bullet Route 6 leaves Queensgate for Hampton at the same times as before but is given more running time on Sundays and therefore returns a little later than previously (three minutes later from Hampton Vale, seven minutes later from Septentine Green), though evening times are similar to before. Again, Monday to Saturday times are unchanged.


Route B serves Stilton replacing route 46

bullet From Monday October 30th Stagecoach service B Peterborough - Sawtry - Huntingdon - Cambridge is slightly retimed (leaving a few minutes earlier), and rerouted to serve Stilton. As a result route 46 Peterborough - Sawtry is withdrawn, apart from one journey each way on schooldays. All pages on this site have been updated.


New Stagecoach service 21 to Amazon Distribution Centre

bullet From Monday October 30th Stagecoach are introducing new service 21 running South Bretton - Bretton Centre - North Bretton - Millfield - Queensgate - Woodston - Orton Malborne - Amazon Distribution Centre. The full timetable can be found on the Routes page or on the Stagecoach website.


Delaine 101/2 revisions from October 2nd

bullet From October 1st (actually Monday October 2nd as the Sunday service is unchanged) there will be some revisions to Delaine's Peterborough - Bourne route 101 including the 102 variant which serves Deeping St James.

bullet In the Bourne - Peterborough direction the 0830 from Bourne will now run as 101 arriving Peterborough 10 minutes earlier. However, passengers from Deeping St James will be served by a new 102 journey starting at Towngate East and arriving Peterborough 0922 as before. There will thus be an additional peak hour journey into Peterborough as far as the section from Market Deeping to Peterborough is concerned. The 0650 from Bourne (route 102) becomes a 101 on Saturdays, leaving 10 minutes later at 0700.

bullet In the Peterborough to Bourne direction, journeys at 0830 (Mon-Fri) and at 1830, 1915 and 2015 all become direct 101 journeys instead of 102 via Deeping St James. The last Peterborough to Deeping St James bus will therefore now be at 1745 on Mondays to Fridays and 1715 on Saturdays.

bullet All affected pages on this site now have versions showing the new timings.


New 23/24 timetable and minor revisions to X4

bullet Routes 23 Peterborough - Orton Waterville and 24 Peterborough - Lynch Wood - Elton - Warmington Village - Oundle both have revised timetables from September 3rd with most journeys retimed.

bullet From the same date there were some minor changes to X4, namely a couple of Monday to Friday evening peak journeys towards Peterborough have been given five or ten minutes extra running time and depart later from Wellingborough and Kettering. Between Corby and Peterborough it's just the 1845 journey which is affected, running 10 minutes later all the way to Peterborough, and therefore leaving Peterborough Queensgate for Northampton 5 minutes later at 1959 (1954 from the rail station).

bullet All destination pages have now been updated - apologies for the delay. This was due firstly to the changes not being flagged up on the Stagecoach Peterborough website (they are operated by Stagecoach Midlands) and secondly by me being on holiday when I did find out.

07/09/17, updated 13/09/17

Citi 5 evening times revised

bullet From Sunday September 3 (actually the next day, as Sundays are not affected), all buses on route 5 Welland/Dogsthorpe - Queensgate - Cardea/Yaxley will run 10 minutes later in the evenings, after about 1900 hrs. This follows the recent change to timings on this route which took place in July. A further change is that the first journey from Cardea on Saturday mornings is now 20 minutes later at 0730. Relevant destination pages have been updated.


National Express Coach Times

bullet The timetable of coach services from Peterborough has been updated with the latest details. In particular service 350 Stansted Airport - Peterborough - Manchester - Liverpool has recently changed its timetable and no longer runs beyond Stansted Airport to Chelmsford or Southend.


Centrebus route 19 reverts to 9 from August 14

bullet Centrebus route 19 Peterborough - Stamford - Oakham - Melton Mowbray - Nottingham will be renumbered route 9 from August 14 and will run only between Peterborough and Oakham via Stamford. This effectively restores the route to how it was before December 2013, and the five counties branding will of course no longer apply.

bullet Timings between Peterborough and Stamford will be similar to now, except that journeys between 0840 and 1440 will leave five minutes earlier from Peterborough, and the 1645 will be retimed to 1655. On Saturdays buses will leave Peterborough hourly from 0835 to 1635 then at 1745. Stamford to Peterborough departures are unchanged, except on Saturdays when the 0715 and 1435 journeys will leave 10 minutes later.

bullet Journeys beyond Stamford have been revised (see relevant destination pages). In particular the last journey from Peterborough through to Oakham will be at 1655 (1535 on Saturdays), as the bus at 1745 (also 1635 on Saturdays) terminates at Great Casterton. From Oakham to Peterborough there will be a two hour gap on Mondays to Fridays between 1405 and the last bus at 1605.


Revised timetable for Citi route 5

bullet Stagecoach route 5 has a slightly revised timetable on Mondays to Saturdays from July 23. Departures from Queensgate to Cardea and Yaxley are three minutes earlier, returning one minute earlier from Cardea and Yaxley. Departures from Queensgate to Dogsthorpe and Welland are one minute earlier, as are departures back towards the Queensgate from these termini.


Summer weekend Skegness service

bullet Stagecoach is once again running the popular service X12 to Skegness this summer, on Saturdays and Sundays from July 22nd to August 27th, also on Bank Holiday Monday August 28th. Timings are as follows: departure from Peterborough (Bay 20) is at 0945, arriving Boston at 1110 and Skegness at 1155. The bus will also pick up at Market Deeping Market Place (1005) and Spalding Bus Station (1035). The return journey will leave Skegness at 1730 and Boston at 1815, arriving back in Peterborough at 1930.

bullet Adult fare is £13.00 return, children (aged 5-15) and senior concessionary passholders £8.50 return, family fare (up to 4 people, no more than 2 adults) £29.00. Pay the driver on the bus. Concession passes and other tickets such as Dayrider or Megarider cannot be used.


Peterborough Bus Rally, Sunday July 9th

bullet The Peterborough Bus Rally will take place at Sacrewell Farm on Sunday July 9th, with free bus services from Queensgate and to the Nene Valley Railway. Entry is free but there is a charge for parking so it's better to use the free bus service. Why not bring the family and make a day of it, visiting the rally and Sacrewell Farm or the Nene Valley Railway (there is a free bus between Sacrewell and the Nene Valley Railway at Wansford as well).


Stagecoach Fares from April 30th

bullet Some Stagecoach fares will increase from Sunday April 30th, 2017. The Peterborough Dayrider will increase by 20p to £4.30, the Cambridgeshire Dayrider Plus by 30p to £6.70, and the East Dayrider Gold by 50p to £14. Megariders will increase by 50p making the Peterborough 7-day ticket £14.50 and the Cambridgeshire Megarider Plus £25, whilst the East Megarider Gold goes up by £1 to £35. Monthly and 4-weekly tickets are unchanged.


Easter Bus Services

bullet GOOD FRIDAY April 14 - Stagecoach and First Excel X1 will run a Sunday service. Delaine 101 will run a special timetable from Bourne 0740 and every 30 minutes 0900 to 1700, from Peterborough every 30 minutes 1000 to 1800. Delaine 102 has no service. Delaine 201/2 has a Saturday service except the 0655 Bourne to Peterborough will not run. Centrebus seem to be running a normal Friday service.

bullet EASTER SATURDAY April 15 - normal Saturday service.

bullet EASTER SUNDAY April 16 - Stagecoach and First Excel X1 will run a Sunday service. Delaine will NOT be running. Centrebus has no Sunday service anyway.

bullet EASTER MONDAY April 17 - Stagecoach, First Excel X1 and Delaine will run a Sunday service. Centrebus will not run.


Stagecoach X4 and 23 - minor changes

bullet Stagecoach X4 - not previously mentioned is a change to the 1605 Milton Keynes to Peterborough journey on Mondays to Fridays from January 30. Due, no doubt, to traffic congestion, this journey is retimed progressively later on its journey and arrives Peterborough at 1942 instead of 1928. On Saturdays the journey remains in its previous timings.

bullet Stagecoach X4 - due to the above, the 1940 Peterborough to Northampton journey now leaves Peterborough at 1955 on Mondays to Fridays (starts from the railway station at 1950). On Saturdays it continues to leave at 1940 as before (1935 from the railway station).

bullet Stagecoach 23 - from February 20 the 1625 Monday to Friday journey from Peterborough to Lynch Wood departs five minutes earlier at 1620.


Cit 1 Orton Wistow times

bullet Stagecoach Citi 1 has a revised timetable from January 1st and the full timetable can be found on the Routes page. The only times that vary from the previous timetable are those from Orton Wistow. The new timings from the Orton Wistow Ferryview stop can be found on the relevant destination page, where Monday to Friday times have changed, and on Saturdays and Sundays all journeys leave Ferryview 2 minutes earlier.