Route News 2018

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

Christmas and New Year Alterations

bullet CHRISTMAS EVE Monday December 24 - Stagecoach, Delaine and First XL will run a SATURDAY service with EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses).

bullet CHRISTMAS DAY Tuesday December 25 - NO SERVICE. There will be no rail services.

bullet BOXING DAY Wednesday December 26 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run three journeys to and from London. There will be no rail services.

bullet Thursday December 27, Friday December 28 - Stagecoach, Delaine and First XL will run a SATURDAY service (normal Monday-Friday service on Delaine 203 Bourne - Deepings - Stamford).

bullet Saturday December 29 - normal Saturday service.

bullet Sunday December 30 - normal Sunday service.

bullet NEW YEAR'S EVE Monday December 31 - Stagecoach, Delaine and First XL will run a SATURDAY service with EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses).

bullet NEW YEAR'S DAY Tuesday January 1 - NO SERVICE. National Express will run one journey to London at 1045 returning at 1800.

bullet Wednesday January 2 - Normal service resumes.


Early finish on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

bullet Stagecoach last journeys:
Peterborough routes - see Stagecoach link (scroll down for last buses).
route X4 - 1945 and 2046 Peterborough to Kettering.

bullet Delaine last journeys:
101/102 - 1630 Bourne to Peterborough, 1730 Peterborough to Bourne.
201/202 - 1545 Bourne - Stamford - Peterborough, 1715 Peterborough - Stamford - Bourne.
205 - 1545 Stamford - Peterborough, 1745 Peterborough - Stamford.

bullet First Excel last journeys:
XL to Peterborough - 1705 Kings Lynn to Peterborough (1510 from Norwich).
XL from Peterborough - 1610 will terminate at Swaffham; 1810 will terminate at Kings Lynn; 1940, 2040 and 2245 will not operate.


Centrebus 9 to be replaced by Delaine 205

bullet Centrebus service 9 will be withdrawn between Peterborough and Stamford from October 21 and will be replaced by new Delaine service 205. The new timetable is available on the Routes page. Note that Centrebus 9 will continue to run between Stamford and Oakham, albeit on Mondays to Fridays only.

bullet For the record, service 9 was reduced between Stamford and Oakham from September 2nd, with no Saturday service, and with the last Peterborough - Oakham departure being at 1335 (1423 from Stamford). The last departure from Oakham is at 1405. The Centrebus timetable suggest that a change at Stamford is necessary but buses continue to run through, until the Stamford - Peterborough section is taken over by Delaine.

27/09/18 updated 06/10/18

Delaine heritage event on Saturday September 29th

bullet The Delaine Heritage Trust is holding a Heritage Bus Running Day on Saturday September 29th featuring the Delaine Heritage Fleet operating every 30 mins between Bourne and Stamford and celebrating the 90th Anniversary of WS Yeates Coachbuilders of Loughborough. Further details together with a vehicle rosta are on the Delaine website. Surviving vehicles with Yeates bodywork will operate heritage tours between Bourne and Rippingdale. The Delaine Museum and Depot will be open to visitors through the day and refreshments will be available.


Minor changes to Stagecoach Citi 2, 3 and 4 from September 2nd

bullet From September 2nd there will be minor changes to Citi 2, 3 and 4 mostly affecting departure times from City Hospital as follows:

bullet Citi 2: Departures from City Hospital towards South Bretton and Queensgate are one minute earlier, but other timing points in this direction are unchanged. Departures from Queensgate towards South Bretton are two minutes later on Mondays to Saturdays.

bullet Citi 3: Departures from City Hospital towards North Bretton and Queensgate are one minute earlier.

bullet Citi 4: Departures from City Hospital towards Queensgate are two minutes earlier, but other timing points in this direction are unchanged. Timings at the Hill Close stop towards Queensgate are one minute earlier.

bullet Full timetables are available under Routes and destination pages have also been updated.

bullet Service 33 also has a reissued timetable but the only change is additional journeys between March and Chatteris.

27/08/18 updated 02/09/18

Stagecoach B to Huntingdon and Cambridge

bullet Stagecoach service B (for Busway) has a new timetable from July 29th with earlier departures from both ends. Unfortunately I didn't spot this until today - I hope nobody was inconvenienced. All relevant pages on this site have now been updated.

bullet The timetable has also been reissued from September 16th but the only change as far as Peterborough is concerned is that the 0736 from Peterborough, which currently terminates at Huntingdon on Mondays to Fridays, will be extended to Cambridge.


New National Express Coach Timetable

bullet From July 30th National Express introduced a new timetable for the services linking Peterborough and London, also Peterborough to Lincolnshire and Hull. The early morning journey from Peterborough to London is numbered 010 and leaves at 0630 (30 minutes later on Saturdays and Sundays) running via Cambridge and Aldgate. On Mondays to Fridays it also serves Cannon Street, Blackfriars and Embankment tube station. The northbound journey leaves at 1900.

bullet Details of all National Express journeys can be found on the National Express website I regret that I have decided to remove my homemade timetable of coaches from and to Peterborough in order to reduce my workload - it may reappear in future.


Summer weekend Skegness service

bullet Stagecoach is once again running the popular service X12 to Skegness this summer, on Saturdays and Sundays from July 28th to August 26th, also on Bank Holiday Monday August 27th. Timings are as follows: departure from Peterborough (Bay 20) is at 0945, arriving Boston at 1100 and Skegness at 1155. The bus will also pick up at Market Deeping Market Place (1005) and Spalding Bus Station (1035). The return journey will leave Skegness at 1730 and Boston at 1815, arriving back in Peterborough at 1930.

bullet Adult fare is £13.50 return, children (aged 5-15) and senior concessionary passholders £9.00 return, family fare (up to 4 people, no more than 2 adults) £30.00. Pay the driver on the bus. Concession passes and other tickets such as Dayrider or Megarider cannot be used.


Route 4 journey extended to Eye

bullet One journey on route 4 to Parnwell will be extended to Eye Church from Monday June 4th. It leaves Queensgate at 1924 on Mondays to Fridays and at 1914 on Saturdays. The revised timetable is available by clicking on "Routes" and the page for Eye (see under "Country") has been updated.


Route 24 replaced by X4 from May 27

bullet A major change from May 27 will be the rerouteing and frequency increase of route X4, replacing route 24 as well as off-peak journeys on route 23. The X4 in the Peterborough area will increase from hourly to half-hourly on Mondays to Saturdays, and most journeys will be routed via Orton Waterville (Church Drive), Lynch Wood and Elton to replace 23/24. The X4 will call at Warmington Services but Warmington Village (previously on route 24), will no longer be served. The New Road area in Oundle will also lose its service.

bullet Alwalton and Elton will therefore have a doubling in frequency, whereas Lynch Wood gains a doubling of the off-peak service. Most journeys between Peterborough and Oundle will now take 36 minutes, compared to 28 or 47 minutes previously on routes X4 or 24 respectively. A handful of journeys continues to run direct between Thorpe Road and Warmington Services, missing out Oundle Road, Alwalton and Elton, and saving about 9 minutes. These are marked in the destination pages with the # symbol.

bullet Service X4 will now terminate at Northampton, the section between there and Milton Keynes being taken over by another route.

bullet Route 23 will continue to run between Queensgate and Lynch Wood in similar times during peak periods. This is operated by Stagecoach East, whereas the X4 is operated by Stagecoach Midlands.

bullet The new X4 timetable from May 27 can be found by clicking on the Routes link (and is also on the Stagecoach website). New versions of relevant Destination pages are now available under the City and Country headings.

18/04/18, updated 04/05/18

Stagecoach Fares Increase

bullet Stagecoach fares will change from April 29. The Peterborough Dayrider will increase by 20p to £4.50, whilst the weekly Megarider goes up by 50p to £15.00. The Cambridgeshire Dayrider Plus increases by 30p to £7.00, whilst the price of the Cambridgeshire Megarider Plus is frozen and stays at £25.00.

bullet Regarding monthly tickets, the Peterborough 4 Week Megarider and the monthly Megarider Xtra increase by £1.60 to £57.60, whilst the wider Cambridgeshire area has no increase and stays at £96.00.

bullet The East Dayrider Gold goes up by a quid to £15.00, whilst the weekly East Megarider Gold increases from £35.00 to £37.00. The 4 Week/Monthly versions will be £142.00, up from £134.50.


Easter Bus Services

bullet GOOD FRIDAY March 30th - Stagecoach and First Excel X1 will run a Sunday service. Delaine 101 will run a special timetable from Bourne 0740 then every 30 minutes 0900 to 1700, from Peterborough every 30 minutes 1000 to 1800. Delaine 102 has no service. Delaine 201/2 has a SATURDAY service except the 0655 Bourne to Peterborough will not run. Centrebus will run a SATURDAY service on route 9.

bullet EASTER SATURDAY March 31st - normal Saturday service.

bullet EASTER SUNDAY April 1st - Stagecoach and First Excel X1 will run a Sunday service. Delaine will NOT be running. Centrebus has no Sunday service anyway.

bullet EASTER MONDAY April 2nd - Stagecoach, First Excel X1 and Delaine will run a Sunday service. Centrebus will not run.


Stagecoach timetable revisions from April 1st

bullet As well as the withdrawal of route 21 (see below), from Sunday April 1st there will be timetable revisions to Stagecoach routes citi 1 to citi 6, also 31/33/36/37/38, 46, 60 to 63.

bullet Some of the changes to the Citi routes are an attempt to improve reliabilty in the face of increasing traffic congestion. This does mean that some departures may be at different minutes past the hour in the peak periods compared to off-peak. Route 1 is unchanged except that the 10 minute frequency kicks in a bit later on Saturday mornings. Routes 2 and 3 are revised on Mondays to Fridays, as well as on Saturday mornings. Route 4 is revised on Mondays to Fridays whilst 5 and 6 have changes on Mondays to Saturdays.

bullet Following on from the recent introduction of an earlier journey from Hampton on route 6, the new timetable has an even earlier journey on Mondays to Fridays, leaving Hampton Vale at 0525. Like other early journeys it calls in at the railway station, arriving there at 0556. I don't envy you commuters who have to get up at that time!

bullet Routes 60 to 63 have only minor changes, but some departures are a few minutes earlier. Another one for you early birds: the 0513 from Werrington Centre to Queensgate via Chaucer Road will now leave at 0509 (and that one runs on Saturdays too).

bullet Routes 31 (Ramsey), 33 (March), 36 (Thorney) and 37 (Spalding) all have some retimings by several minutes. Busway route B is unchanged as far as Peterborough is concerned, except that on Saturday mornings there is no longer an 0745 journey from Cambridge to Peterborough - it starts from St Ives at 0821.

bullet All destination pages with changes from April 1st now have separate versions valid from that date (in the case of CITY destinations see the separate link in the menu). Links to the new route by route timetables in pdf format can be found under Routes.

24/03/18 updated 28/03/18

Withdrawal of Stagecoach service 21 to Amazon Distribution Centre

bullet Stagecoach service 21 South Bretton - Bretton Centre - North Bretton - Millfield - Queensgate - Woodston - Orton Malborne - Amazon Distribution Centre, which was introduced last October, has unfortunately not been a success and will be withdrawn after the last trip on Saturday March 31st.


Relocation of bus station information kiosk

bullet Sadly the information kiosk at the bus station is closing, with its last day being Wednesday March 28th. It will close at 4pm that day. However, from Tuesday April 3rd the Visitor Information Centre at 41 Bridge Street will be providing the same services, including bus information, bus passes and National Express tickets.


New early-morning journey from Hampton

bullet From Monday February 19th there will be a new early journey on Citi 6 leaving Hampton Vale at 0545 on Mondays to Fridays. There will also be a journey from Queensgate to Hampton at 0625.


Major changes to Excel X1 from February 4th

bullet There will be major timetable and route changes to Excel X1 Peterborough - Kings Lynn - Norwich from Sunday February 4th. The route will now be known as XL rather than X1, and Thorney will be served only hourly, being bypassed by alternate journeys (as are Walpole and Terrington St John). All relevant destination pages now have versions valid from February 4th (click on Country for a list of destinations) and the full timetable is on the First Group website and also on the Routes page.


Changes to Stagecoach routes 2, 3 and 23 from January 14th

bullet From January 14th, to improve reliability, route 2 is allowed two minutes extra running time arriving at Queensgate from Paston, and will run two minutes later on the section Queensgate - Thorpe Wood - South Bretton - City Hospital. This applies on Mondays to Saturdays until 1830.

bullet As a result, route 3 runs one minute later City Hospital - North Bretton - Westwood - Queensgate and three minutes earlier Queensgate to North Bretton. The Queensgate - Park Farm section is more radically retimed with departures from Queensgate at 03, 13, 23, 33, 43, 53 minutes past each hour (five minutes later than before), returning from Ellwood Avenue at 07, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57 minutes past each hour. Once again, evening and Sunday timings are unchanged. Chapel Street in Stanground will no longer be served.

bullet Certain Lynch Wood to Queengate Monday to Friday evening peak journeys on route 23 will also be retimed: the journeys at 1812, 1842 and 1912 will run eight minutes later at 1820, 1850, 1920 (Queensgate to Lynch Wood at 1800, 1830, 1900 run five minutes later).

bullet The new route timetables from January 14th can be found under "Routes" (and of course on the Stagecoach website), whilst all destination pages have also now been updated, with links from the "City" page.

08/01/18, updated 10/01/18

Stagecoach route 21 serving Amazon

bullet A small alteration to the recenty introduced Stagecoach service 21 linking Bretton and Queensgate with the Amazon Distribution Centre takes place from Monday January 8th. The 2210 journey from Amazon will now leave at 2225 and run 15 minutes later throughout, no doubt to fit in with shift patterns at Amazon.


Rail Fares to London

bullet Rail fares will increase by an average of 3.4% from January 2nd, 2018. For many years I have included on this website a list of walk-on rail fares between Peterborough and London, and this has now been updated to show the new 2018 fares from January 2nd. It can be found in the main menu or by clicking here. Older versions can be found on the Archive page.