Route News 2021

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

Temporary additional bus station

The eastern side of Queensgate bus station has been closed since March 2020 due to Queensgate building work; Stagecoach services 4, 6, 23, 24, 31, 33, 36, 37, 60-63 and 904 use the temporary bus station in Acland Street bus park, as shown in the relevant Destination and Routes pages. Both bus stations are shown on the Location Map which also shows walking routes to and from the railway station.

Dews service 46A to be withdrawn

bullet Dews service 46A linking the Alconburys, Glatton and Folksworth with Serpentine Green Shopping Centre will be withdrawn after December 31st. The route, normally operated with a minibus, also serves Huntingdon, Sawtry and Stilton, which of course will continue to be served by hourly Stagecoach route 904. The 46A will be replaced by a more frequent service between Huntingdon and the Alconburys numbered AW1, which will also serve Cambridgeshire County Council's new headquarters at Alconbury Wield.


Christmas and New Year Alterations 2021

bullet Monday to Thursday December 20 to 23 - Normal Monday to Friday school holiday timetables.

bullet CHRISTMAS EVE Friday December 24 - Stagecoach and Excel will run a normal Monday to Friday school holiday timetable but with an EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses). Delaine will run to the SATURDAY timetable but with an EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses) except that Delaine 102 from/to Deeping St James will run a normal service from 0853 towards Peterborough, and from Peterborough hourly 1015 to 1515 then 1715. Delaine 301/2 will run a normal Friday service.

bullet CHRISTMAS DAY Saturday December 25 - NO SERVICE. There will be no rail services.

bullet BOXING DAY Sunday December 26 - NO SERVICE. There will be no rail services.

bullet Monday December 27 (Bank Holiday) - Sunday timetables on all routes.

bullet Tuesday December 28 (Bank Holiday) - Sunday timetables on all routes.

bullet Wednesday/Thursday December 29/30 - Stagecoach and Delaine will run SATURDAY timetables, except that Delaine 102 from/to Deeping St James will run a normal service from 0853 towards Peterborough, and from Peterborough hourly 1015 to 1515 then 1715. Delaine 301/2 will run a normal service. Excel will run a normal weekday timetable.

bullet NEW YEAR'S EVE Friday December 31 - Stagecoach and Delaine will run SATURDAY timetables with EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses). Delaine 301/2 will run a normal service. Excel will run a normal weekday timetable with EARLY FINISH (see below for last buses).

bullet NEW YEAR'S DAY Saturday January 1 - NO SERVICE.

bullet Sunday January 2 - Sunday timetables on all routes.

bullet Monday January 3 (Bank Holiday) - Sunday timetables on all routes.

bullet Tuesday January 4 - Normal termtime weekday services resume.


Early finish on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

bullet Stagecoach East last journeys:
See this link for last buses on Citi routes 1 to 6. Other Stagecoach routes will operate to the normal timetable.

bullet Stagecoach Midlands (route X4) last journeys:
On Christmas Eve (Mon-Fri timetable) the 1915, 2010 and 2110 Peterborough to Northampton trips will finish at Kettering (Horsemarket).
On New Year's Eve (Sat timetable) the 1912 and 2115 Peterborough to Northampton journeys will finish at Kettering (Horsemarket).

bullet Delaine last journeys:
101/102 - 1630 Bourne to Peterborough, 1730 Peterborough to Bourne.
201/202 - 1545 Bourne - Stamford - Peterborough, 1715 Peterborough - Stamford - Bourne.

bullet First Excel last journeys:
16.10 from Peterborough will terminate at Swaffham. 19.40, 20.40 and 22.45 from Peterborough will NOT operate. LAST bus from Peterborough to King's Lynn is at 18.40. LAST bus from King's Lynn to Peterborough is at 16.55.


Stagecoach City Services from October 24th

bullet From Sunday October 24th 2021 there are significant changes to Citi services 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 to reflect reduced demand and driver shortages. Daytime frequencies are reduced but there are early-morning improvements on some routes. There is also a minor change to route 36. Details are as follows:

bullet Citi 1 has a reduced daytime frequency on Mondays to Saturdays of every 15 minutes (currently every 12 minutes). There are, however, earlier journeys from Werrington (starting at 0600 instead of 0631) and from Orton Wistow (first journey at 0618 instead of 0632), including on Saturdays. Journeys to Orton Southgate (Mons to Fris) leave Queensgate at 0623 and every 15 mins 0641 to 0841, returning from Stapledon Road every 15 mins 1608 to 1753, whereas currently the last journey is 1801. Evening journeys remain hourly and are slightly retimed. The daytime frequency on Sundays remains at every 20 minutes but there are minor retimings.

bullet Citi 2 has a reduced daytime frequency on Mondays to Saturdays of every 20 minutes (currently every 12 minutes). There are, however, earlier journeys from North Bretton (starting from Heltwate at 0557 instead of 0612) and from Paston Ridings (first journey from Pittneys at 0600 instead of 0626), including on Saturdays. Evening journeys remain hourly and are slightly retimed. Threre are no changes to the Sunday timetable (daytime frequency every 30 minutes).

bullet Citi 3 also has a reduced daytime frequency on Mondays to Saturdays of every 20 minutes (currently every 12 minutes). Journeys from the City Hospital (stop 4) start 10 minutes earlier at 0618 and from Stanground (Ellwood Avenue) 20 minutes earlier at 0608, including on Saturdays. Morning journeys leaving Stanground up to the 0808 departure (Mon to Sat) all call at the railway station; previously only very early journeys did this. The hourly evening frequency kicks in at 1810 from City Hospital as the 1840 and 1940 journeys to Queensgate are withdrawn. Threre are no changes to the Sunday timetable (every 30 minutes during the day).

bullet Citi 4 has a reduced daytime frequency on Mondays to Saturdays of every 30 minutes (currently every 20 minutes). From City Hospital (stop 4) the first journey leaves at 0642 (currently 0625 Mon-Fri, 0635 Sats) and there are no journeys between 1912 and the final journey at 2010 (currently every 20 mins between 1905 and 2005). The last journeys from Acland Street to Netherton and the Hospital are at 1852 and 1952 (previously every 20 mins until 1949) whilst evening journeys from Acland Street to Parnwell leave five minutes earlier than before. There are now two journeys which extend to Eye on Mondays to Saturdays, leaving Acland Street at 1837 and 1937 (1812 and 1912 from the Hospital). There are no changes to the Sunday service.

bullet Citi 6 also has a reduced daytime frequency on Mondays to Saturdays of every 30 minutes (currently every 20 minutes). The first journey from Hampton (Braymere Road) is at 0615, much later than the current 0525 journey, but all journeys up to the 0815 departure call at the railway station (Mon-Sat), whereas previously only departures up to 0705 did this. Evening and Sunday timings are unchanged, except that Serpentine Green is not served on Sunday evenings (last journey to town is at 1633), reversing a change made only a few weeks ago at the end of August.

bullet Route 36 is unchanged apart from the last journey from Eye which runs 10 minutes later at 1903 on Mons to Fris. Note that Citi 4 (above) now has two journeys which extend to Eye instead of one.

bullet Route by route PDF timetables can be found on the ROUTES page (as well as on the Stagecoach website of course), and all relevant DESTINATION pages have been updated.

13/10/21, updated 14/10/21

Service 47 Melton Mowbray - Oakham - Uppingham - Peterborough

bullet The last Centrebus journey on route 47 operated on Friday August 27th. The replacement service operated by Vectare will commence on Monday September 6th and will run in the same timings as before but will be extended beyond Whissendine to and from Melton Mowbray. Timings are shown on the Routes page.

31/08/2021 updated 04/09/21

Stagecoach Citi services 1 to 6, also 904 from August 29th

bullet From Sunday August 29th there will be changes to Peterborough Citi services 1 to 6 and also service 904 to St Ives. Details are below:

bullet Citi 1 is being allocated additional vehicles to improve reliability, with Monday to Saturday buses scheduled to have 10 minutes at Queensgate bus station in both directions, whilst there is also additional layover time at both ends of the route. This does mean that passengers staying on the bus at Queensgate (Rivergate passengers for example), or at Werrington Centre or Paulsgrove, will find their journeys a little longer than before. Off-peak timings from both Werrington and Orton to Queensgate are unchanged on Mondays to Fridays but there are some changes in the peaks and to outward journeys from Queensgate. The first bus from the Ortons is a little later at 0632 from Paulsgrove instead of 0616.

bullet The Saturday timetable on Citi 1 is revised throughout, and from mid-morning reverts to running every 12 minutes (previously every 15 minutes), as it did before the pandemic. The first Saturday journey from Werrington is earlier (at 0631), whereas the first Saturday journey from Orton Wistow is later (at 0632).

bullet The peak hour service to Orton Southgate has departures from Queensgate every 12 minutes 0612 to 0836 (slightly later than the previous 0829). The evening peak service back from Orton Southgate is unchanged.

bullet Citi 2 and Citi 3 have significant revisions, especially in the evenings. The Saturday service starts earlier, with journeys from North Bretton at 0612 and from Paston (Pittneys) at 0626.

bullet Citi 4 has minor revisions on Mondays to Fridays but more significant retimings on Saturdays, with an earlier start. The Sunday timetable is completely revised with departures from Queensgate on the hour to City Hospital (1000 to 1900), returning on the half-hour (0930 to 1930), thereby running later into the evening than previously (the Parnwell leg is also revised). The one journey on route 4 which extends to Eye is slightly retimed to leave Acland Street at 1910 (Monday to Saturday).

bullet Citi 5 has a revised timetable and a significant change is that Cardea journeys are extended beyond Cardea every day to serve the Amazon Distribution Centre in the Kingston Park Industrial Estate, basically during the time that buses were previously laying over at Cardea. The Saturday timetable is now the same as the Monday to Friday timings (therefore with an earlier start) but on Sundays the first buses from Yaxley, Cardea and Welland are approximately one hour later than previously.

bullet On Citi 6 the evening journeys from Acland Street are retimed 10 minutes later starting at 1955. The Saturday service starts considerably earlier and the Sunday timetable is also revised; journeys no longer omit Serpentine Green on Sunday evenings. A new feature is that the first few journeys from Hampton serve the railway station on Saturdays as well as on Mondays to Fridays.

bullet Route 904 Peterborough - Huntingdon - St Ives has a change to the 1420 journey from Peterborough, which runs 30 minutes later on schooldays. This is in order to give Sawtry pupils a southbound service at the end of the school day. Additionally, all journeys in both directions will operate a one-way clockwise loop around Houghton Village, due to the narrow roads there.

bullet New pdf timetables are available on the Routes page and new versions of the relevant Destination pages have also been created.

25/08/2021 updated 27/08/2021

Delaine service 301/302 Stamford - Market Deeping - Spalding

bullet Although not serving Peterborough, this route is included on the Routes page for convenience, and has a new timetable from September 1st consequent upon the withdrawal of Brylaine's routes G53 and G79 serving Stamford College. Delaine is retiming the 0735 journey from Spalding to 0745 and extending it on college days to Stamford (St Paul's Street), whilst the 1640 college days journey from Stamford will be diverted after Market Deeping to run to Spalding rather than Bourne.


Centrebus R47/47 Whissendine - Oakham - Uppingham - Peterborough

bullet Centrebus 47/R47, which consists of a single journey each way on Mondays to Fridays, will be taken over by a new operator, Vectare, commencing on August 31st following the bank holiday.


Dews 415 Upwood - Woodwalton - Peterborough

bullet An update is that Dews' Wednesday service 415 from Upwood and Woodwalton to Peterborough will continue to be operated by Dews for the time being whilst an alternative operator is sought.


36 and 37 to serve Peterborough One Retail Park

bullet From July 26th Stagecoach services 36 and 37 will be diverted to serve Peterborough One Retail Park. Timings from Peterborough are unchanged, as are most other timings, although departures from Eye towards Peterborough are up to four minutes earlier.


Hamilton 206, Shaws 306

bullet Two weekly services into Peterborough are no longer running - Hamilton Coaches 206 from Burton Latimer (Thursdays) and Shaws Coaches 306 from Peakirk via Newborough (Wednesdays) are not being reinstated following the pandemic.


Peterborough to Skegness X12

bullet This year Stagecoach are running the summer holiday X12 Peterborough to Skegness on Saturdays and Sundays July 24 to August 29 and also on Bank Holiday Monday August 30. Timings are the same as last year, leaving Queensgate Bus Station (Bay 9/10) at 0945 and returning from Skegness at 1730. The full timetable is linked from the Routes page.

bullet Incidentally I have recently added a link on the Routes page to Stagecoach service 57 Spalding - Boston - Skegness for those wishing to travel to Skegness when the X12 doesn't run, by changing at Spalding.

11/06/2021 updated 14/07/2021

Delaine schoolday restrictions removed

bullet Restrictions on certain Delaine journeys being only available to school pupils have now been removed.


National Express coaches to Wembley (also Lady Gaga concert)

bullet National Express is gradually expanding its coach network following the Covid shutdown, but Peterborough remains unserved with regular routes for the time being. National Express is, however, advertising two special event services from Peterborough: service W29 to Wembley Stadium for the rescheduled Euro 2020 football matches on June 13, 18, 22, 26, July 6, 7, 11, and service N24 on July 30 to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the Lady Gaga concert.

bullet See the foot of the ROUTES page for further details.

05/05/2021 updated 19/05/2021

Minor revisions to Delaine 101/102

bullet Delaine has a new timetable for routes 101/102 Peterborough - Market Deeping - Bourne from today, May 2nd. The only change is that the journey time has been slightly reduced by a couple of minutes, which means that southbound departures from certain intermediate points are one or two minutes earlier.

bullet An example is Market Deeping where the daytime departures from Church Street to Peterborough are now at 20 and 50 minutes past each hour instead of 22 and 52. Similarly route 102 from the Market Place is now at 05 minutes past the hour instead of 07 (departures from Deeping St James are correspondingly earlier).

bullet Note that service 102 remains suspended on Saturdays.


Temporary timetable for Centrebus 47/R47

bullet Due to a road closure on the A6003 at Manton to repair a bridge, from April 12th Centrebus 47/R47 is diverted around Rutland Water via Empingham and Edith Weston. The morning departure times from Whissendine, Langham and Oakham are 15 minutes earlier, with a correspondingly later arrival in the afternoon. The revised timetable will be found under ROUTES; this is expected to be in force until July 5th.


Excel Revisions (not affecting Peterborough)

bullet There is a new Excel timetable from April 11th, but journeys to and from Peterborough are unchanged. The revisions are to the extra journeys between Dereham and Norwich (route D).


Stagecoach changes from April 18th

bullet There are significant changes to route 904 from April 18th, and minor changes to routes 1, 2, 23/4 affecting certain stops in Werrington, Orton Wistow, City Hospital and Lynch Wood.

bullet Route 904 Peterborough - Huntingdon - St Ives has a new timetable with departures from Acland St 20 minutes later at 20 minutes past each hour. To aid reliability journey times have been extended by a few minutes, and journeys towards Peterborough run a few minutes later. The route in St Ives has changed with buses running first to the bus station then continuing to Morrisons where the service terminates (the reverse applies on journeys towards Peterborough).

bullet Werrington - Officially the terminus will move to a different point along the loop - Werrington Centre instead of Three Horseshoes in Werrington Village. In practice it will make little difference but passengers joining between Three Horseshoes and Werrington Centre should note that buses are timed three minutes earlier, and the first journeys of the day start from Werrington Centre rather than Three Horseshoes. There are minor changes to the timetable in the evening peak towards Werrington but timings from Werrington Centre to the city are unchanged.

bullet Orton Wistow - The terminus moves from Ferryview, at the start of the Orton Wistow loop, to the Paulsgrove stop at the end of the loop. This is believed to be for traffic safety reasons. Passengers joining along the loop may find their bus running a few minutes earlier, and early morning buses start at Paulsgrove instead of Ferryview.

bullet City Hospital - A few journeys on Citi 2 which were not serving the main entrance at the Hospital (mostly early morning and at weekends) will now route via the main entrance. Broadly the times at which passengers will have to walk from Stop 4 (near the entrance to the hospital site) will be 0730 - 0900 and 1630 - 1800 Monday to Friday. At weekends all buses will on route 2 serve the main entrance except, strangely, the 1850 towards the city on Saturdays, unless this is an error in the timetable. New route 29 continues to serve only stop 4 at the hospital; remember this route is for a trial period only - use it or lose it!

bullet Lynch Wood - The terminus of routes 23 and 24 will move from the Marriot Hotel/Showground to Commerce Road, which is the next stop along towards Peterborough. This is apparently to avoid blocking traffic entering the estate. My understanding is that the northbound stop may have been removed altogether (also affecting X4) - buses on 23/24 from Peterborough will continue to set down at the Marriot Hotel before turning at the roundabout, but it seems that passengers for the city centre who used to board at the Marriot Hotel will have to walk to Commerce Road.

bullet Full timetables are available on the Routes page and all relevant Destination pages have versions valid from April 18th.

30/03/2021, updated 06/04/2021

Easter Holiday Arrangements

bullet Good Friday April 2nd - Stagecoach and Excel are running a Sunday service, except for route X4 (operated by Stagecoach Midlands) which has a Saturday service. Delaine 101 runs from Bourne at 0730, 0900 then every 30 minutes until 1630; from Peterborough at 0900, 1000 then every 30 minutes until 1730 (no service on 102). Delaine 201 has a Saturday timetable starting with the 0810 from Bourne and 1000 from Peterborough.

bullet Easter Saturday April 3rd - Normal Saturday services.

bullet Easter Sunday April 4th - Sunday service on Stagecoach and Excel. No service on Delaine.

bullet Easter Monday April 5th - All operators are running Sunday timetables.


New Look for Peterborough Bus Times

bullet Peterborough Bus Times has a new look! I have finally found time to move everything onto a so-called responsive template, which means that it adapts more cleverly to the type of device you are using, and therefore gives a better experience for mobile phone users. For example, on smaller devices the menu structure is automatically replaced by a single menu button.

More importantly, I have been working hard to reintroduce the Destination pages, whereby each location has a simple list of all bus departures to and from Peterborough city centre. Having suspended these pages during the pandemic due to frequent changes, they are once again available and fully up-to-date. Whilst they were previously split into City and Country categories, they are now all linked from the new Destinations page.

The menu includes a new item entitled Days Out, which is a placeholder for a new feature to be introduced this summer, with suggested itineraries for days out by bus from Peterborough. Don't forget that you can also check the Peterborough Bus Times Facebook page, which is updated whenever there are significant changes to the website.


Delaine 102 restored on Mondays to Fridays from March 8th

bullet From Monday March 8th Delaine service 102 to Deeping St James has been reintroduced on Mondays to Fridays following its temporary suspension. Note that the route remains suspended on Saturdays. The new timetable can be found on the Routes page.


Stagecoach X4 school journeys reinstated from March 8th

bullet Stagecoach X4 Peterborough - Corby - Kettering - Northampton has a revised timetable from March 7th. The only changes are the reintroduction of the school journey to/from Kings School (and school journeys in the Corby area) from Monday March 8th.

bullet A link to the previous timetable has been kept on the Routes page as this is easier to use for through journeys across Corby - the new timetable as it currently stands has separate sections for Peterborough to Corby and Corby to Northampton.


Rail Fares from March 1st

bullet Rail fares in England and Wales were increased by an average of 2.6% from March 1st. Normally fares change at the beginning of January so this was a departure from usual practice.

bullet I have reluctantly decided to discontinue the list of walk-on rail fares between Peterborough and London due to its complexity and the time taken to compile it. Another factor is that many passengers opt to buy advance tickets, the price of which varies from train to train and from day to day so cannot be shown on the list. The 2020 fares, valid to February 28th 2021, can be found on the Archive page.


New Route 29 City Hospital to Orton and Hampton from March 1st

bullet From March 1st new Stagecoach Route 29 will be introduced linking the City Hospital with Orton and Hampton without going via the city centre.

bullet The route will be City Hospital (stop 4) - Orton Waterville - Lynch Wood (Showground) - Orton Northgate - Orton Southgate - Hampton Hargate - Serpentine Green. See the full List of Stops. The route will run on Mondays to Saturdays with departures from City Hospital hourly 0900 to 1400 and from Serpentine Green hourly 0930 to 1430 (see under ROUTES for the full timetable).

bullet Note that at the City Hospital the new route serves stop 4 near the main road, and does not run to and from the main entrance. It has been organised in partnership with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority and is for a 12 month trial period.

bullet As with other routes serving the Hospital, a 15% discount is available to any member of hospital staff from the North West Anglia NHS Trust who has a valid NHS Staff ID pass.


Reissued timetables and minor changes

bullet From January 24th the Stagecoach X4 timetable has been reissued with minor changes. Departure times from Peterborough are not affected.

bullet For the record, the timetable for Citi 1 was reissued with a date of January 10th 2021, but the reason is unknown as the timings are identical to the previous version of July 2020.

bullet The Excel Peterborough - Norwich timetable has been reissued dated January 31st but journeys serving Peterborough are unchanged - the only revisions are to the additional journeys which run between Dereham and Norwich.

22/01/2021 updated 07/02/21

Reduced Delaine Services (Revised)

bullet From January 18th Delaine has temporarily withdrawn route 102 to Deeping St James due to the lockdown, and has therefore reissued the 101 timetable, though the 101 itself is running a normal timetable - a link to the new timetable can be found on the ROUTES page.

bullet Earlier in the week there was a plan to reduce the 101 Saturday service from this coming Saturday but that decision has now been reversed and route 101 will run a normal service.

bullet On January 20th and 21st Delaine ran a reduced off-peak timetable on route 301/302 Stamford - Deeping - Spalding, but it has been decided to revert to the normal timetable from Friday onwards so that passengers will not be inconvenienced.

20/01/2021, updated 21/01/2021