Orton Southgate

Stagecoach 1   from 02/06/24 (unchanged)

Peak hours only

Peterborough > Orton Southgate

MONS TO FRIS:  0511, 0541 then every 10 minutes until 0901.

SATS AND SUNS:  No service.

Orton Southgate > Peterborough

Times are from Stapledon Road. Calls at Bakewell Road approx 3 minutes later.

MONS TO FRIS:  1608 then every 10 minutes until 1708, then 1723, 1733, 1743.

SATS AND SUNS:  No service.

Peterborough Queensgate Bay 3 --> Rivergate --> Shrewsbury Avenue --> Orton Malborne, The Eldern --> Orton Centre --> Orton Southgate Stapledon Road --> Orton Southgate Bakewell Road

Journey from city: 23 minutes to Stapledon Rd, 28 minutes to Bakewell Road. Journey to city: 34 minutes from Stapledon Rd, 31 minutes from Bakewell Road.
Runs cross-city Werrington - Queensgate - Woodston - Orton Valley Centre - Orton Wistow (via Orton Southgate in peak hours).
Route in Orton Southgate: clockwise loop in both directions via Newcombe Way, Southgate Way, Bakewell Road.

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