About this website

Peterborough Bus Times is brought to you by local enthusiast Brendan Fox. Established in 2000, it was the first to feature bus timetables for the area, before the local bus companies established their own websites. Since Peterborough is served by several different bus companies it still has a part to play in bringing together information from several different sources in an easy to use way, and I hope you find it useful.

When there are changes to bus routes and timetables in Peterborough I do of course include them on this website (in advance where possible), but you can also be alerted to changes by checking the Peterborough Bus Times Facebook page.

I would encourage you to use the bus not just for essential journeys but to enjoy the local countryside and all the interesting places that can be reached by bus from our fair city.

You can contact me on ku.gro.tbp@nadnerb   Please don't copy and paste the email address - it won't work! You will have to type it in manually (an attempt to avoid spam). Unfortunately I cannot answer travel queries due to other pressures, but hopefully you can find what you need in the pages of this website.

My other main website is BusAtlas.uk which shows principal inter-urban bus routes colour-coded by operator. Started during lockdown in 2020 it is gradually being expanded and the intention is to eventually cover the whole country.

I am also the webmaster of www.maltabybus.com with information about using the bus in Malta and Gozo, and have some pages about Prague Public Transport as well. You can find links to all of my websites at www.globestudios.co.uk.

Happy Travelling!